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Saturday, June 17, 2017


No money to spend on the garden this year. Well, except essentials that is. So I brought in all the old garden ornaments, the plant stakes that were rusty and dull. I have a lot of unused nail polish and found that a coat of that really brightened things up. I was being lazy and didn't want to get the paints out. Anyway, some of it had sparkles in. So..........I thought these fairies really benefited from a coat of varnish.
 photo 2017k_zpstb0jd4b4.jpg
 photo 201706j_zpshjtnuqcn.jpg
 photo 20170615_134743_zps03t5pff4.jpg
I figured that maybe next year I would be able to do better. Really I am happy enough without any now everything is more mature. Still, waste not want not right!
So with that in mind I looked for some old barrel hoops I had around. I found them and this is what I made.
 photo 20170523_173255_zpsci5xg7xa.jpg
I really liked that one.........I really wanted this and so was so chuffed to find that it all fitted together just so, it had nails and had holes so it all went perfect. The ball is a shine in the dark and was perfect. I have a few old copper pieces that have lost the glass parts and so I am working on those to refurbish.
I made a driftwood wind chime with some old cow bells
 photo 20170524_154505_zpsmc7ytani.jpg
I have a big box of driftwood that I intend to make more of those. I found a glass bell jar and decided to use that. Here it hangs over a flower basket
 photo 20170525_151854_zpsjdojepmm.jpg
This little stained glass leaf had lost its ladybug so I found a red glass bead and viola!!!! fixed
 photo 20170606_105826_zpskvqjrtf4.jpg
I also had this last year and on a shorter stem it went in a planter just so.
 photo 20170613_143821_zpsseak67vt.jpg
Anyway, that's the idea. My pictures are slow loading so I will sign off for now and maybe add some pictures after the fact.

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  1. Wow Janice!! Everything is so cool and magical!!! I really love everything! The driftwood wind chimes, the old barrel hoops creation, etc.!!! You are so creative!! Big Hugs!


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