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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fixing things.........................

Money being tight this summer has made me look at what I have sitting around. I decided to fix a few things that have been cast aside either broken or rusty or something
I collected fairies one summer, little plant pot things that rusted and the paint peeled. I used nail polish and added glitter and fixed a few of those almost good as new.
 photo 9a76d0b1-8546-46a6-a9c7-88e419dcedbd_zpsxmo2j1qt.jpg
 photo 201706j_zpshjtnuqcn.jpg
There were several of those, some with wind chimes on them, some plant stakes and the ones like that one that hangs on a wall. They all needed a touch of paint and glitter to last another year.
I made a garden angel several years ago. She had wings at one time but those somehow fell off and got lost. They may show up some day. Meanwhile I am giving her a coat of paint and deciding if I want to give her wings again. She had two wooden spoons as arms. I will find two more and she can have arms again.
 photo 20170625_123948_zpsebcep3ay.jpg
 photo 20170625_123944_zpskfdxmkhk.jpg
I had an idea of what I wanted to do for her. There is an old chair outside that was used to hold up plants, like a frame. So I had Gerry make a seat for it and put on a back, then I will sit her on the chair once its painted and let her hold a plant with her wooden spoon arms. Thats what I want to get done tomorrow.
Here is Bodi watching her dad fix the chair.
 photo 103_2262_zpsdfqxfjm6.jpg
 photo 103_2263_zps9ddkhjrx.jpg
I need to paint the new wood on the chair I suppose and then I can attach her to the back of it.
At least with all the rain I have had stuff to do inside. I have my poor dining table full again. Two boxes of drift wood and now some boxes of stained glass crap. Several years ago now I made a bunch of stained glass wind chimes. Bit by bit they fell apart as I left them out all winter. I need to use stuff up so may as well get working on that again. As I said, I cant buy anything so will make something instead. Oh the ideas I have. I have to use up glass that I have. I can replace broken window panes in the "shed" (garage) it would be pretty. I have all the things I need to do it all.
 photo 103_2265_zpslanrwv5i.jpg
These are the broken pieces
 photo 103_2264_zpsq4dntmso.jpg
This is one of the originals. I will put that back together and maybe improve on it.
 photo glass 004_zpsqszpohaf.jpg
Maybe one day I will get my dining table cleaned off. Probably just in time to get the sewing machine out?.


  1. Hi Janice wow such beautiful work,well done xx

  2. Wow, Janice, you are so creative! Everything is looking wonderful! So much fun!!!


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