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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bayside Gallery in Suttons Bay.............................

The Bayside Gallery in Suttons favourite glass shop.
Edna and I went to Suttons Bay today. She wanted to go to the Quilt shop. I didn't want to get more quilt supplies so I just looked. Hard for me to do but I am getting better simply because I have so much already to do. I have given away a whole load of fabric already. I loved doing that rather than hoarding it. Chances of me using all I have is zero to none. Bluebell Woods I described our day out and so this page is rather dedicated to this particular gallery. Oh my, if I could only afford to buy stuff there. I may go back as I did see one thing that was 1/2 off and it was way over 100 dollars so I must think on it. However there were several pieces that I would like and I live in hope that I can persuade Gerry to buy me a birthday pressie.
 photo 20180524_113544_zpsdryn6uvh.jpg
They have a fake stream running along one side and have fish in it. I often see frogs too. It adds to the pleasure of being there.
 photo 20180524_114713_zpswxnfsvwy.jpg
 photo 20180524_114649_zpsqyxlzzts.jpg
I enjoy the shop for the garden stuff but inside is all kinds of wonderful things. Mainly glass and thats why I always call it the glass shop.
I really want one of these
 photo 20180524_114638_zps4gvm71wu.jpg
Anyone who loves glass would love this shop
 photo 20180524_114556_zpsxxmgxaq9.jpg
I have learned my lesson though. I can't have nice things. They get broken.
I took the next picture to remind myself, I can do this
 photo 20180524_114351_zpsa6i57zuv.jpg
A wall of clocks all with moving parts
 photo 20180524_114303_zpsdam2ao2f.jpg
The bug collection is adorable
 photo 20180524_114226_zpsuxuvht9j.jpg
 photo 20180524_114140_zpsj6sczkas.jpg
Another picture to remind me what I can do myself if I just get craking
 photo 20180524_114000_zpsho2g1xat.jpg
 photo 20180524_113955_zps1yd8f9cg.jpg
Then there are other things that I would enjoy if I had the money to redo things. I could do a bathroom around that pretty fish
 photo 20180524_113924_zpsmrie1zxi.jpg
Liz may like a Butterfly
 photo 20180524_113912_zpsq0slhusb.jpg
But it's mainly the outside stuff that I really want
 photo 20180524_113846_zpscptqlahs.jpg
 photo 20180524_113831_zpsg2pk5y2u.jpg
 photo 20180524_113727_zpsptwsolj7.jpg
You have to look at the individual pieces of art to see how wonderful they are. I think it takes more than one piece to make a garden really shine. I hope to collect a few
 photo 20180524_113715_zpsmxdkz2z3.jpg
 photo 20180524_113632_zpsyqto1ngt.jpg
 photo 20180524_113556_zpsqinyh19o.jpg
Well I can dream..........if anyone wants to know what to get me for my birthday you only need to look here haha..........well I can dream. There were a couple of things in another gallery that I want to post so as I remember them.
 photo 20180524_124357_zpsknixm3ev.jpg
 photo 20180524_124352_001_zpszj7n3ps7.jpg
Absolutely no reason not to make these they are pine cones. I sure have enough of those. All for now.


  1. This was lots of fun! Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I would buy everything! LOL! My kind of shop! Big Hugs!


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