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Friday, February 8, 2013

A few more paintings............

Some more pictures from my sketchbook.

This one I think was on my last post on paintings...........I didn't like it. I added something to it. These are really all just experiments.

 photo d93e6e8d-24ed-4442-bcd6-4092b74eddd7_zps313707f4.jpg

The next one is also an edit to one I have posted that I didn't like. The original has stems on the flowers and I was able to remove them. Better I think

 photo d786272b-e2fa-4ed4-aa9c-598e58813afc_zps51f9ebb7.jpg

Poppies in the field?

 photo dbac37b6-bb67-4039-8f22-8e2a5a2f176e_zpscc767bcc.jpg

A Mermaid

 photo a8a926b4-caa3-45d7-b555-e952787a4df4_zpsd0c2522a.jpg

Making a picture from some scraps of work maybe???

 photo 629600a1-6507-4695-9159-c8a0a0ce34ae_zps54391e60.jpg

More Tweedles

 photo fc1f98ea-402b-4969-83a8-3b12cd2483e4_zps331288d6.jpg

Half finished drawings....just putting them out there..............none of this stuff you see is going anywhere.....its just a sketch book, practice, experiment ETC. comments welcome. I need to improve.

 photo 62315e09-5ac1-4b07-933e-02206b6cd646_zps0613ff69.jpg

 photo 31842074-f92a-4120-8958-0ec8f02c0c7e_zps262af838.jpg
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  1. Your Tweedles are too cute!! Your watercolors are beautiful and I really like your sketches of the girls!!

  2. Love your flowers! My daughter paints, but does oil.

    Visiting through Inspire Me Monday.

  3. You are so right that art is just experiments! Your mermaid is favorite!

  4. Happy Monday.
    Visit from The Inspire Me Monday Community.

  5. Lovely flowers...very loose and free. Love them!

  6. Very nice! I love watercolor painting and there is so much you can do with them! Found you on IMM blog hop!

  7. As a lover of all things sea going ... I love the mermaid best. But the poppies really caught my eye. Thanks for the peek ~ Mary

  8. Very nice, I love the mermaid the most :)

  9. Your watercolours are lovely! Lots of creativity here!

  10. Thanks for sharing your lovely art with us!

    Congrats - you've been featured this weueek at Inspire Me Monday at

    Create With Joy

  11. Beautiful. Love the poppies. Keep painting. It is a true gift.
    Do you do cows ?
    Drop by and visit my Vermont herd when you have a chance:

  12. love the poppies in the field one..very loose and the tweedles are so cute


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