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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New pictures.......

Here we go again. A few more pictures. I am really enjoying this. I love my journal. I can't wait to start another. I am wondering if I should do something different in another journal? This one is basically trying to loosen up my technique. If one can call it a technique. I have never really found a nitch in my watercolour journey. All I know is I love the medium. When I first began I thought there were rules and regulations. I managed to take a class and was shocked. The woman used a light box and projector. She then traced onto her paper. Now I always thought one should draw freehand. The next class I took was with a guy and he said the same thing, especially with buildings. I somehow can not bring myself to do that. Even faces I have always sketched freehand and that's probably a reason mine do not look as good as the professionals.
My first problem that I saw though through taking classes was how I used the paint. Its WATER paint. I seemed to use it like oils. I did overcome that part fairly quickly. The next part was going through books and looking at paintings that I felt looked like a child did them. No detail. Later I became very fond of that style but could never do it. So this is my beginning, my new loosening up.
 photo ba87521c-70df-4f18-954e-114ebfbd1add_zpseb51a721.jpg

I have enjoyed painting more cartoon like images. Flowers have been the easiest for me. That's what I am enjoying
 photo ff8cb003-e075-4695-9a1a-c02ccdb14446_zps8d0f4e98.jpg

 photo 90b71b95-03cd-4bb9-9cc1-11d83bbbd94b_zpsab86ba20.jpg

I love fairies, I have several pictures of fairies sitting on the moon and so this one seemed like something for my journal

 photo 220397d3-febd-4c9e-8270-68c074b4a064_zpsc3ef1538.jpg
Tristen asked my why the cat had a spider on its bum..........umm well, thankfully he moved right along without a reply

 photo 5fd58aff-6a8f-4b70-b2e8-90c00375268b_zpsb0ff82d7.jpg

Kids cartoon characters

 photo 4c4d235f-4989-4d0f-840b-cadb58cee36c_zpse19948ba.jpg

This one was bad so I cut it down........

 photo 64a3288b-12f1-4e51-b5df-b6de9f6de391_zpsbf88167d.jpg

I am not sure I will post many more, I am really filling in space until I can do something else to show. This weekend I am hoping my tooth is not aching so I might get some sewing done. So maybe a change of subject.
I have been messing with HTML codes and because of that I lost my last was my giveaway. I am giving the prize to Stacy as I only had two entries at the time I lost the whole thing. I lost the name of the other entry for that I am sorry. If you read this email me. Anyway.........that will teach me to mess around on the blogs. I did figure out what I did but that didnt help me to get the blog back. So sorry folks. I will post another giveaway soon. It will be a book on watercolor.


  1. Your drawings are always delightful to look at :) I am not very brave to start messing around with my blog - I usually stick with the basics :)

    Hugs to you,

  2. I don't know if it is me, but I feel your art is more free! I love it! Spider! LOL! So cute! I hope your tooth isn't aching! Have fun with your blogs!


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