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Thursday, February 14, 2013

more watercolours..............

Not sure where this came from but thought I would show you anyway..........I like to do cartoons now and then.
 photo 1e669f74-5b88-45fa-8d47-fe03e014d93e_zpsd53f4240.jpg

A garden in the woods.....

 photo e2ab635b-e3c3-463c-b362-4cddc4cf5a73_zps36578dc4.jpg

Horse grazing in the wild.......

 photo 544552b8-a05d-44af-bf49-09fc448688e2_zps119798cb.jpg

Frozen tundra

 photo f65ce7ca-fc24-43dd-9b80-0e650b13b5f8_zps8740d102.jpg
Why we do not trim our pine trees, it makes homes for little creatures

 photo 2a8fa18b-135b-48fe-8bb6-98d903638b79_zps16c45e22.jpg

A Rose

 photo 062d9fba-c2e0-49cc-af1d-41043132a0f2_zps38dba180.jpg

The lady I began got some makeup

 photo b8838fe8-0b89-4f8f-b380-8897c39ac158_zps41db215f.jpg

All these are quick entries in my art journal............still not happy with any of them. They are still experiments but I am enjoying doing it. They only take a moment to do. I may yet get an idea for a real picture

I appreciate your comments and critique of my work.......hints are helpful as well as ways to improve, feel free to leave suggestions. Thank you all.
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  1. You say that you are not happy with any of them. I don't know why. I love some of them. Trees are verry nice.

  2. These are so beautiful, Janice! I enjoyed looking at all of them - and thanks for the laugh with the chickens :)

    Happy Weekend!


  3. Lovely Janice,I don't think you realise how talented you are.
    I love the roses.
    Laura xx

  4. Why aren't you happy? Janice they are truly great! I love the first one! Laughed out loud@ LOL!

  5. thanks for entering, the chickens are hilarious. i think your scenery watercolors are lovely.

  6. Very talented Janice!! Cute cartoon and I love the much beauty in your paintings!! Good job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I love the nature scenes so full of life. Nicely painted!

  8. Visiting from the APR - Such lovely pictures. The chickens are wonderful! :0) Mo

  9. loving your pen and watercolour pictures, the chickens are so much fun. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. Love the roses and nature watercolors. Very nice!

  11. I think your work is lovely and unique. one thing I have learned is to love my mistakes BEcause it is the BEing creative that deLIGHTs my heart.

    I think that loving my art is so much easier BEcause it reflects me. I did NOT let it out for so long, yet here and there, online, as I share, I discover it isn't about DOing good art it is about the JOY of making art.

    BEing an artist is a rare thing, which we all possess. the problem we have is our tendency to compare and judge. how DO you hear the songs of birds?! yes, I thought so. all are BEautimous...

    your art is just like the birds.


  12. hahaha, the chickens are hilarious! love the frozen tundra

  13. I love the 'chicken joke', it makes me laugh so much, you have a wonderful sense of humour. How could anyone critique your work, it's so very good that all I could say would be keep going it's beautiful.

  14. Your art journal entries are wonderful! I love the roses, they are beautiful and I love the trees too. They look magical and wonderful calming!

  15. lovely to see some of your watercolours... they are such fun to use aren't they...xx

  16. Oh boy I'm so late in visiting and trying to catch up desperately but I'm so glad I made it. ;D
    Lovely artwork and the cartoon made me giggle. Thanks for sharing and I'll try to be earlier next week...promise!
    Have a wonderful weekend :D

  17. Your work is really charming and quirky - you have a wonderful style. I love working in watercolor too as well as being a crochet fanatic. Come over and say hi! I found you on the Art Blog Hop. Emma x


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