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Saturday, July 6, 2013

A few from my latest journal...........

I am still working on the loose idea of watercolour. I needed some idea of what to try next so searched the blogs and Pinterest. I collected some pictures of birds. I took a look and then tried similar things. They are just for my journal and to learn from people whose work I like. Not for any kind of publication or other use. This first picture is rather bland but I sort of like it. Called "Going Home"
 photo 9574b11a-612d-4730-8f9a-5695519b4aa1_zps298c318f.jpg
Some bluebells......loose bluebells (smile)
 photo a619a4f9-99a3-4183-a1bf-6471621983de_zpsa7ddc7e5.jpg
This is my poodle Bodicea. She was sitting on the deck and I drew her and then I painted her
 photo a75d03b3-0c25-48de-b80e-7fc468722aac_zpsad13b5a0.jpg
The other poodle that was sitting with me, Bella
 photo 77603529-e3f6-4698-b655-8df3f09363b6_zpsddd0a993.jpg
This is one of my baby birds.
 photo 2da88b18-a391-4f38-90ef-7f78e4be5981_zps364d1207.jpg
My English Robin
 photo 4c23c7c3-3eba-4f65-8f3a-d5689fec7e78_zpscbefec82.jpg
Flowers are still a work in progress
 photo d6cb0a25-ac76-4b49-8e9d-427e29b1a4e0_zps804382a8.jpg
 photo d1d1b97b-c3d5-4909-a96c-1840a31b4e21_zps18f9ecb1.jpg
my little table top fountain
 photo 1ea8ccd1-55b2-45b2-b1b1-6e521ed13090_zps19ea94d0.jpg
I am not sure I see a lot of progress, but in some ways I do. I like to look back over my other journals and try to see progress. I see baby steps. Not what I have in mind I want to do things well. I see so many others who do such a great job and I like to try their style, then I see more and try that until I don't know if I am coming or going. So I carry on in the hope that I will find my own style.......but I like to do so many things. I like child like drawings too for fun. Anyway all for mow


  1. I enjoyed seeing your watercolors. Going Home really has a nice, calming feeling to it. I have never tried water colors before, but I think I know what you mean by trying to make things loose. When I paint or draw I find myself always trying to make things too exact, and I, in reality, just can't make the final painting or drawing come out to look anything like what I have in my mind's eye. I hope that makes sense.

    Your poodle paintings are adorable and so are the baby birds. They show their personalities.

  2. It's always a delight to see your new work. You are such a talented lady! I love the poodle pictures and the bluebells are lovely. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hugs to you!

  3. I sincerely see progress!!! Truly enjoyed all these watercolors! Your first poodle, Bodicea, I really love! Don't know why? Maybe it's the pose? Well done! Keep it up ;o)

  4. I love your art!! The poodle paintings are just toooo cute! Lynda

  5. Wow - I'm so impressed - if I lived close by I would come to you for lessons!!!


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