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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New pictures...........

These are done on drawing paper and so they crinkle up. Not a great way to show work. Still I will show a few......A New Forest pony.

 photo b2207ecf-e455-4cdd-af62-69bbfa55fd20_zps4df1bc95.jpg

This came from a picture I saw, I liked the way the hair covered the girls face. I did it from memory and have forgotten where I saw it so I hope its not too much the same as the original

 photo 935ae88a-ef1d-41d5-ab9a-46300bf56ad7_zps0de8b38f.jpg

the rose is just another loose attempt done without a drawing first. Pencil added after.
 photo e65a4abb-9927-432b-a0df-53f1a758d5c1_zps32ab9be7.jpg
This is an original done after a day at the beach..........just a simple attempt
 photo 6a3e0404-01f7-4c8a-98fe-5293116f797c_zps59ee526a.jpg
Sometimes even the most simple drawing might make a note card?????
 photo cd61b63f-a057-4680-89e8-3ffecd1e8fcc_zps18f1bc82.jpg

 photo b9987b60-cf7b-4717-81eb-d53c182aa1f3_zpsc4add5a5.jpg
The flowers actually looked a lot better on the paper. Taking a picture never gives a good image, it highlights the ink too much.
 photo 81bfa59b-769a-490a-b1ea-3ce9b879a442_zps18d03095.jpg
This on is also a very simple depth or anything like that.....just look so much better in the book but that's OK. This is just to record some of what I am doing. I am on Book 5 now, its fun looking back through. Time to begin on original stuff.
I still see no point in doing paintings because I have nowhere to put them. I may do some note cards though.


  1. More beautiful work from you :) The rose is just lovely and I really like the horse.

    Hugs to you!

  2. I love them all - they would make wonderful cards - or in small frames.

  3. I love the girl on the beach! Her hair flying in the wind is excellent ;o) Hugs ;o)


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