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Monday, July 22, 2013

more beautiful things.............

I cant help it I see these beautiful things and just have to share.
 photo 5eb08955-e5d3-4d55-af31-1852021829f2_zpsbd0f2a7b.jpg
I think I would enjoy shopping for things like these, I love clothes and it would be nice to be able to get things that look good on me. As it is I wear mainly casual stuff.
 photo d90dc30c-0b3a-4251-838f-7161fe32c973_zps0f8e8889.jpg
I like the artistic quality of Haute couture. I would never pay those prices no matter how rich I was, but some things are just plain beautiful
 photo ec2d06db-5060-4d7b-bf31-301fc0b44458_zpsf89ddc40.jpg
Ok this next one may be weird but isn't it astounding?
 photo fee722d6-6135-48f7-8325-90c833dd74be_zpsa8a1aae7.jpg
I love this colour. I love the subtleness of it.
 photo 9674b435-0acf-4612-b69c-bf9bce5fc2df_zpsd4f551e7.jpg
I like the beadwork on this dress.
 photo fa8bfd8e-2f7c-4f31-bf4a-d96f738cf3de_zps2d44d3db.jpg
This is the most beautiful colour pink. I also love the beadwork
 photo a2e23de6-f2bc-4c7b-8ca2-40175c689b1a_zpsf774e080.jpg
This would be more my size if I am honest. Its nice to see that the larger sizes can look just as nice, just as pretty
 photo e132a023-d496-49bd-b8e2-1124c9c62c55_zpsd6a0f839.jpg
This one is unusual but pretty
 photo a53a9f4b-b8dc-4ca0-842d-d5c8e5587f48_zps3e0d9c7e.jpg

The colour combination on this one is dramatic and wonderful
 photo 654e4f4b-5511-447d-9bf9-0cf3b2b27e04_zps37a0b8e5.jpg

I have many more to show but enough for now. This is a place I can store some of the things I enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too


  1. They are beautiful to look at not so good to wear.

  2. The dress on the plus size girl is gorgeous! We should all be proud of our shapes, no matter what size we are ;o) Love that fish dress and the turquoise and taupe one is fantastic! I truly love all the pictures Janice ;o) (I have "lavender dreams" finished, but not showing you until I have bluebell kiss finished!)


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