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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More lovelies...........

I am sort of recording some of these beautiful gowns for my own pleasure. I see them as works of art really. Especially the beaded ones. So much work put into them. I wonder what happens to them. I know those who buy them probably only wear them once or twice because they are so memorable but then what?
Most of what I am showing is Haute Couture.....that means lots and lots of money.
Look at this. Not sure what occasion would allow for the wearing of this but I think its awesome
 photo 94faf9e4-e624-4755-9c12-f3a2270b548f_zps5743450f.jpg
Why do the models make themselves look so the dress
 photo aeda4aaf-c388-4ac4-82bf-b648dc7df1ac_zps8957b2de.jpg
These silver gowns are wonderful
 photo e51614f5-188f-474f-9f84-a34db7e2acba_zps83e2e901.jpg
A short dress too, not so fond of the short styles these days but as its not for me, well she sure looks nice in it
 photo f8343e50-4c98-426e-847d-35d9b59942ce_zps9144d5b5.jpg
The gold is beautiful too
 photo 00c0ba66-6384-48f5-8a19-f3c9d261b942_zps96ec8284.jpg
I look for gowns with beading or beautiful use of fabrics. I liked these two
 photo 60b0eb45-fad7-437c-97d4-5b0e6887ba5d_zpsed72143e.jpg
The gold one looks very Egyptian. The other is Celtic
 photo 199b70a5-3078-4ec4-bd69-1af6942a6385_zps3383e0cb.jpg
I decided that I was a Magpie in a former life as I love glitter.

 photo e9db97c9-8e4c-4575-b4c9-82a7b0765b31_zps88f5b795.jpg

Not so fond of bright colours but I did find a few that I liked
 photo 5f2306f0-1524-428c-9b13-1be88dd66783_zps879b7605.jpg

How about shocking pink....or the Celtic robe?
 photo f502d114-0f33-4b1c-8d78-2338c3b55853_zpsc90a951d.jpg

The bead work and the silver is wonderful. I wonder what the fabric feels like? Is it scratchy?

 photo e5f32a86-2b2d-4dcf-905c-6ea36993fb7b_zpsc38e9257.jpg

These two are more elaborate and I think I would like the 2nd one without the slit up it.......but it looks great on the model.

 photo 94a49c4b-6f8d-4df4-a680-8899e23da6ca_zpsc67752a8.jpg

I am still not sure if I like the pink outfit, it looks like a 1950s or early 1960s outfit so I sort of like the fabric and style.........the red is just beautiful though. I wish they showed the rest of the dress

 photo 5bdebcd6-d883-4e2d-9518-1527ac9a9ed7_zpsa5394aca.jpg
So there ya go, a few more beauties to drool over.

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  1. Love your selections, I admire the workmanship and design. Love the first gold sleeveless gown, very pretty, and would also like to see the rest of the pretty red one at the end. I love sleeves that are just above the elbow like that, what is that called...I can't remember....

  2. They are all amazing! Truly breath taking! The Celtic Robe is stunning! I would wear that ;o) Hugs ;o)


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