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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Celtic style.......

Do you enjoy fantasy, I mean dreaming of magical times long gone. Finding treasure that is all yours. Just for the beauty not for the selling. Well, dream of Celtic times and enjoy some Celtic Styles..........
Here are a few hair styles
 photo hair2_zpsa8dcf1a0.jpg

 photo bd3b4c83-ba6e-473e-b904-2474fe097b66_zps00d9f155.jpg

The red hair is very Celtic I think
 photo 42dbc128-f595-4ed6-a782-32fe64450177_zps4fa7f6e5.jpg

Kelts were an ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages and had a similar culture. We think of Ireland, Scotland and the British people of those times. It is not a nationality, its more and ethnicity I think.
They are much romanticized in movies.
 photo 73f1dccf-af6a-4f62-8aa8-2bc7c71d449b_zps32c2f5c6.jpg
The women had to be tough. While maybe not all were warriors there had to be a fair share of them. Again, they may not have looked as Hollywood portrays them but I thing their strength and equality were much like this.
 photo 97182183-9be7-4443-a01b-3c3998682b1e_zpscebd35ae.jpg
Back in the days of Bodicea who was indeed a Warrior Queen, I am sure for survival alone in those days they had to have some fighting skills. The tribes had to share their skills so maybe (who knows) the younger unmarried women or those not having children would fight with the men. Maybe not in the extreme but I am sure that when it comes to defending hearth and home most woman will fight.

 photo d90065bd-2972-45f4-97e4-203f202cb522_zpsc2124ee5.jpg

They were an artistic people. We know that because of what they left behind made in gold. Torcs and broaches, things like that have been found in many farmers fields. This is not a genuine example but I would wear it............the ivy is Pagan and I can imagine it being a symbol found in their designs. Along with the Celtic cross photo 2e17dcd4-39f5-4c36-b260-0267712a4086_zps3b2134ac.jpg

 photo 8061e42d-cc00-4d70-9912-90b7dfcf4509_zps9920f68e.jpg
modern day designs with the Celtic theme are popular at Ren Fairs and things to do with Fairy followers and Fantasy clothes. They are beautiful and I think can be worn in every day life. Why not?
 photo 80473fa9-e0ad-47c4-9ba0-c37888285391_zps04c420b1.jpg

More hair styles
 photo d9a18181-de24-4d7f-8411-b9673daee260_zps690818db.jpg
Well I would love to show more but its hard to find really nice legitimate pictures of clothing, so this is mainly fantasy but well, who doesn't enjoy a little fantasy.?


  1. Interesting post! I really enjoyed it! Gorgeous pictures! Janice, I would love to wear that gold ivy bracelet! Take Care ;o)

  2. I liked the intricate patterns in the hair braiding. The gold ivy bracelet is gorgeous, and so was the beautiful green jewelry(?). I am not sure what to call it, but it was pretty.

    I love antique jewelry and antique inspired jewelry. I have seen many times on antique shows where people have found beautiful hundreds of years old rings in the ground under a hedge or in the garden in Britain. The most interesting things I have found here in the St. Louis, Missouri area are arrowheads (which are beautiful to me) and a bronze medal from the Spanish American War.


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