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Thursday, August 22, 2013

More drawings......

One day I found a pigeon with a broken wing. We named him Walter (you know, Walter Pigeon)......this reminds me of him.

 photo 09dd4912-dfad-4eee-ac7a-e81eade77e4c_zpsa64ae980.jpg
Old fashioned Ice cream.....hand made is best
 photo a1c0228a-e91e-47c2-8bae-663827e7983e_zps3dfb4faf.jpg
An Angel maybe
 photo bb10a2d2-7d33-44ea-a505-ce0b61f86fdf_zps30b71816.jpg
A few more faces
 photo 922b4d1d-879e-4334-8745-e30ef1f87be5_zps724699e2.jpg
 photo 19ec2cc8-89d6-45e3-ae8a-47265a029425_zpsadc049e4.jpg
 photo 3291e488-2c91-4b66-9370-588fa5708068_zps584edff4.jpg
 photo dbf465ab-e444-44d9-a178-566aafd4d43c_zps9bd6bad3.jpg
 photo ae70ddf6-8743-4b6a-a461-1958424e89a6_zps6e389c81.jpg
Another Mermaid
 photo bfc15dc2-51d4-4341-976a-325bde053a71_zps98417c66.jpg
What else do I have...........I have skipped a bunch. This one is different I suppose
 photo 54d41edb-f97d-461a-b984-428b998923e1_zps141f5621.jpg

Still working on doing a good Chickadee and a good far no luck. I record them anyway.

 photo 631c82d7-83c9-49dd-8e55-a88b79e73342_zps28d0cad7.jpg

What can I say.............
 photo f838653f-15e2-46f5-9c31-4b6d6292cdd7_zps4a31580b.jpg

OK, reality check........I am drawing and painting these practice pieces, simple lines, exaggerated faces to what end? That I don't know. I have to say that I prefer realism. This experiment is hard for me. I am enjoying it but to over simplify is very hard for me.

I do know that watercolour and drawing paper do not work well together. All these need ironing and are warped (in more ways than one haha)

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  1. LOL! You made me laugh! "warped"! Janice you are doing very well, but as I always say, do what you love! If you prefer realism, than do it!!! The girl with the blond hair looks scared or startled! You captured that well! I love them all!!


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