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Monday, August 26, 2013

vintage gowns.............

Dont you just love vintage gowns? Well not just vintage but dresses from way back. They do such a great job when they make movies now. The "costumes" are so authentic and could almost be haute couture. The fabrics are exquisite and it makes me wonder what ever happens to them after the film is done. I do know some go on tour, some are on display in museums. Even the tower of London hosts costumes sometimes. I remember seeing the clothes from Elizabeth R and the Six Wives of Henry V111 but compared to what was done with "The Tudors" they were almost just not on the same level. At the time though they were so well done.It just shows the progress and the money that is spent today on movies.
 photo 133df387-e7a7-4756-a41f-bd6e20110c7b_zpse45e071f.jpg
Its in the details, in the fabric and the designers. The fabrics in a lot of cases are hand embroidered as if they are made for a person in real life. I do know that the designers of the Tudors really spent a lot of time and imagination in those costumes. They really did a great job they designed for Henry knowing what he was like in real life. He was fashionable and the best dressed man in Europe so they outdid themselves. His whole court was high fashion.
 photo 37b01b84-8562-44fd-b0f4-330f7fda7a4d_zps13a86730.jpg
Look at the details on this one. I don't know what movies these clothes were in but I love each one of them.
 photo c4348642-ab19-4841-b765-c532e7b47d73_zpsf2378cbf.jpg
 photo 06f68f35-ba41-4a75-ab3d-6e29e6537c22_zps7f6fb702.jpg
The movies Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth both had wonderful costumes. I think I saw the first one just to see the costumes but Elizabeth was one of my all time favourite films.
 photo bfaf0a3b-ff65-48fe-8bd0-1cffae21d640_zpsedbbb70f.jpg
This one from the Tudor times.
 photo 138ec335-b3d7-4672-b43d-b45bb8814b93_zps995e0b29.jpg
Here is Kate Blanchett as Elizabeth and a beautiful dress, this one did not seem to be so constructed and didnt fit as well as some did. The fabric though is gorgeous.
 photo efb49eab-7fe0-4998-b7bd-025e1ab57783_zps9cf814a6.jpg
Another one from Elizabeth. Some of the fabrics in that movie were much more dramatic than these but these are what I could find for now. I will be taking another look.
 photo 74b68257-09b8-4c62-8abe-64a18a299505_zpsfdac4dad.jpg
I wanted to go through the costumes from the Tudors but will leave that for another day.


  1. Beautiful dresses but I'm glad I don't have to wear them.

  2. I've been to visit a Tudor re-enactment group a couple of times and they demonstrate how the clothes were made and go through the ritual of dressing-up. It's fascinating but they make all their clothes themselves, by hand, and they're nothing like as extravagant as these.

  3. Amazing gowns!!! I can't even imagine the hours to make them! I wonder how heavy they would be to wear?

  4. Very Pretty .... I love your photos :)


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