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Friday, August 30, 2013

Evening gowns.........................

I have really enjoyed looking at the beauty and the workmanship of some of these beautiful dresses. I do not covet them, I just love looking at them. I would like to see them, not own them in particular. It's not my lifestyle. I sure love that they are there though and that someone somewhere gets to enjoy them. The models are so skinny, I am not sure they would look so good on a normal size woman. Especially the height. I can't believe how homely some of the models are though and I am trying to show the more beautiful ones
 photo 89ffe0d0-7c66-4a3d-878a-ed1731186b28_zps9f520708.jpg
I tend to like the neutral tones. The gold and silver, grey is nice with silver.
 photo 97fd9718-088d-4ece-ae5c-01aeca97a029_zpsb383f6bb.jpg
White and gold is royal, reminds me of Greece and Rome
 photo 1b29386d-098f-4925-b6f1-1fbf74cec3a9_zps7277099c.jpg
White cream, or should I say creamy cream elegant
 photo fc5cb916-8e45-4313-9c90-ec51321d3113_zps85eaeafd.jpg
Black is always elegant and black with beads, well what could be better
 photo 0ab0dc00-30ab-4287-9195-404cb90f15ce_zps8f2d918c.jpg
 photo e0648af8-cf0f-4c3c-af6e-759d7c14f8fe_zpsc15ba64f.jpg
This next one is a lovely coffee colour with cream and its very lovely don't you think
 photo 35c814cf-251f-42a6-a689-90e08315247e_zps9a840222.jpg

Metalic.......this looks harsh. It has lovely lace but does not look comfortable. Then again, neither does the model
 photo aa12e0c2-0027-40f0-94e2-ba027b4a2dc4_zpsd87124b5.jpg
I thought I should show SOME colour. I love the green, although more simple gowns and the pink is very pretty too.
 photo a5905f8d-aa68-456b-b58f-49372a0946ed_zps7f096d27.jpg
 photo 1c29f4b2-4823-470e-a75f-4901a39275ff_zps858a8763.jpg
How about short dresses
 photo 3cb329c3-1384-4d1a-95b3-3b4acf2d41e6_zpsebea7c1c.jpg
 photo 581d4e9a-c5c5-4b7a-a9e6-3b3f07617e6b_zps88df0e0c.jpg
Well thats it for this evening. The next post I do on clothes will be about Eastern dress. I have seen some wonderful creations. Indian and Pakistani women, Muslim women. Awesome and intricate fashions that dwell more on beauty and enhancing the female eyes and hair and painting the body. Wonderful stuff. I am jealous and I do think that they are much misunderstood when it comes to fashion. We shall see
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  1. I love to look at the beautiful dresses you put on your blog.

  2. These dresses are stunning! The "Greece" looking one, would be a beautiful wedding dress! I wonder how that one model didn't fall over? LOL! Hugs ;o)


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