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Saturday, October 26, 2013

More violets.......................

Why? because I have so many more pictures that I want to share.I had my other blog "Bluebell Woods" printed out into a book. I may do that with the other two at some point, but I will have Bluebell printed each year. So I am really putting this stuff out there to keep. When things are on line they tend to get lost with each computer so............this is a good way to record things I want to keep.

 photo 4b83c366-5aee-4ed3-a32c-da738f2d79c5_zps4e56c934.jpg
Thia ia a beauty
 photo 76e106dc-f281-4462-9b33-8fac82d4695b_zps5224e481.jpg
 photo 611a5dea-4132-4c79-9303-ef8b0fdb916e_zps621b6c9b.jpg
lovely colour isn't it
 photo 68e7148e-aa37-4df5-b4e9-91b5c624877d_zps367f606f.jpg
more flowers. It will be awhile before we see these again.
 photo cef7a621-56ff-469b-8d21-d1dceb670eb1_zps036eca98.jpg
how about this lovely teapot. I am looking for one with Violets on it.
 photo 07c06642-bbd9-4f29-8f2d-4c9f4e4806cb_zps7a479c7b.jpg
Then there are fairy folks, I love these flower fairies. I dont have a Violet one
 photo a5e9eedf-728c-4e99-bc71-b9a23a20bc88_zpsaeefdf17.jpg
I may have shown this dress before b photo 2bc61dd0-1760-4c06-bd3a-8e01dd5197d3_zps88004ce7.jpgut its so pretty its worth another look I think
Well its a short post but I want to do another one on Historical costumes. So all for now


  1. ooooh how beautiful are these colors, I love them ! I'm very grey and lavender these days...just dyed some cotton crochet trim into grey and sewed them on the hem of my grey pants, so pretty! I have a question, how do you turn your blog into a book pray tell!?? That sounds fascinating, something I may want to do....they would make great gifts don't you think? for those people who truly love you and your blog, I have a handful of those people who would love such a book!

  2. Beautiful post Janice! I have to ask, like Lady of the Woods did, how did you turn your blog into a book? Very cool and did it cost a lot??
    Big Hugs, hope everything is well ;o)


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