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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who is that masked lady......................

 photo 6c31b5b5-87b7-4857-be53-669d5bc65c24_zpsf8cb43a7.jpg
Do you ever think you were born in the wrong day and age? I mean do things from long ago seem more exciting, more romantic? Even if we did the masked balls today it would not be the same. Our society is too different. I suppose its really a moot point because if I were born back then I would be a peasant and therefor not invited. I doubt I would have made it to being a maid. Ah well.........just pretend OK>
 photo 87b3279e-7a37-4d86-b87c-8c4f8ab575c0_zpsbce19db4.jpg
Still, I can dream.........I loved the clothes from other era's and all that went with it. Especially the men. Men now do not know how to dress, suits and ties, how boring........well women either for that matter. You can tell the ones born to money compared to the pop culture icons who have no class or taste (for the most part)IMO.
 photo d0e9978e-ede6-4a38-98fc-2bc51ddb4fbd_zps9927795f.jpg
 photo 6181e541-694e-45de-b717-62e6cd0e0c8f_zpsb3678bb9.jpg
Now imagine the costumes that may have gone with these lovely masks......imagine the intrigue. Imagine the freedom.
 photo 1435e98e-36dd-47cd-a89f-e07d5959316d_zps5edf61b8.jpg
Ladies could meet their lovers, or find one and never be known for who she really was. I am not saying that is what I would want but I can see the novelty especially in other times when women were married for position rather than love.
 photo e4df5545-aa49-4d11-bc4c-ad0527d4e9fa_zpsd6b5ad1f.jpg
Naturally there were scandals there always would be but.......well this was one way to avoid that maybe. In any case its all fantasy and romance and not reality. A different time and morality for the rich. The poor as always were too busy working.
 photo 8f59fe6c-4dc2-4668-8e8f-7495b65bed76_zps5e62fdb3.jpg
Enjoy the beauty if not the idea
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  1. how absolutely stunning are all of these masks!!! I want them all! and I AGREE, I TOO was born in the wrong place and time and even wrong planet, truth be told. I adore masks, I was JUST contemplating putting on my little venetian mask and going to ''trick or treat'' over at my neighbors 2 doors down because I happen to know they have Butterfingers candy and I love those! do you have any links for those masks?? I always love coming here :D

  2. I love the masks! So pretty. Wouldn't it have been fun to go to one of those balls? I'd probably been poor too. Oh well, I'll just pretend otherwise. :)

  3. Breath taking!! I have to say, I do love the way people dressed back in those days! More elegant, mysterious, beautiful! I would have been a cool maid ;o) I would have made my mask out of twigs from the forest! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  4. The masks are amazing - such beautiful works of art. SO many times I've imagined myself living in a different era (usually after re-reading my beloved Jane Austen novels!) but then reality strikes and I realize how lucky I am to live in a time of antibiotics, modern appliances, and the conveniences I've gotten spoiled to using. Great post!

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