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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Purple Passion........................

I can not say I love the colour purple. I really like a pale lavender. I did a post on Violets and that was really what prompted this post. In doing that I found all these other beautiful things. I just love Pinterest don't you. However I find just as many from Google. Its such a fun thing to do. Sigh ......and wastes so much time.
 photo 49d46f3b-796d-4e0f-a86d-bb053e52f96c_zps5a18a578.jpg
I like the pastels best.
 photo b7ed62bf-8436-4d6d-a6bc-df2d577de306_zps0e867425.jpg
The colour is so relaxing when its pale. I don't care so much for the deep purple, but sometimes its perfect.
 photo 568f41c4-022f-432f-be1c-512e4ffa5894_zpsad823a49.jpg
 photo a94b6394-f670-4402-a361-4f21ed2c0b22_zps9ad3caa4.jpg
I love the pale lavender colours. In flowers and in clothes.China is one of my loves, and when it comes with violets, well then.......
 photo e16c50ad-7850-4f9b-9dc9-bef5e72460f9_zps7bc3c02c.jpg
.....and flowers.
 photo 8739ebf1-18ab-4360-9c3c-cdc3194b6d30_zps59a3e5b3.jpg
 photo f7d6c8ee-9a64-47de-9725-604d2464ea59_zpsb4f51df8.jpg
Or what about Fairies........
 photo a55f0bc8-41aa-4fef-a623-7d0ee545ee96_zpsb0fb2d3e.jpg
You realize that this post is because I have NOTHING.......I did take a few pictures from my sketch book but have not processed them yet. I have to get sewing real soon, so I do hope that this blog will brighten up soon.

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  1. Blog when you want to my friend ;o) Don't worry about it ;o) I love this post!!! Gorgeous pictures! The cat with the flowers is so cute ;o) Have fun sewing ;o)


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