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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Not many.........

 photo 8eaa924d-3502-4e01-94f2-d3b83e800887_zps8b161bb4.jpg
A few from the sketch book.............when the next one is full I must begin to do some serious work......maybe.
 photo 3751784f-9bfa-4ce6-8ee7-87cd03998c29_zpsef4f87cd.jpg
I did some pencil pictures as well as watercolour, and am trying out some Christmas themes for tags and stuff.
 photo 1d182914-9bee-4a46-87cc-3f0810872fe4_zpsf32540e3.jpg
Funny how different they look when you copy them......
 photo d250555e-1b60-464b-83d8-f2ca3ec09e9e_zps8a857572.jpg
 photo 34ebf569-e3b0-4e51-be9a-26525dcf461a_zps1117cce6.jpg
Then the ones I did thinking of kids rooms or cards???? I don't know.
 photo 32bb33e0-7c2b-4ed0-88ad-04cec9e72594_zpsce4c1e13.jpg
The ones done in pencil are just not what I want. I think I need to do some acrylics next.............getting all that out is a pain.
 photo 1dbbf558-ab70-48cc-acd7-3e2480bfafd1_zpsd55a4dc0.jpg
Another kiddie one
 photo c285621b-d6f2-496e-87d8-1b8ed855f6f6_zps0738d4d7.jpg
or two
 photo fbfe61b8-4ddb-46ce-b142-dc20161bb5a7_zps87a81794.jpg
Thats enough, the copies are awful so I wont do any more today................thanks for looking.


  1. so very quaint and adorable. I must, one day :D try to draw....I admire those who do.

  2. You made me smile and laugh Janice!! Love these all! The crows are excellent and I love the sayings! I love the memory saying! Big Hugs ;o)
    The two little kids smiling are adorable!!!


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