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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I have finished my living room change around. I changed a few things since I began. I have not even finished going through all my boxes.
I don't know if I should even look, if I look I will want to find a place for the stuff and I really don't want any more clutter.
These are violets. One is made by Norman Brumm, as is the small plate. One was made by "wildflowers" a lady in Glen Arbor who did her own metal and enamel things. She is retired so no more from her. I love Violets
 photo 9174f9ed-1bf7-4c72-ab42-4f9e3a853c86_zpsec8c37bf.jpg
I made room for all my collections but some are spread around. Only one thing got broken. This plate is by a local artist and the Chickadee is another Norman Brumm.
 photo 543d96ca-4b96-485e-8e35-1bc5ca525307_zps900b0449.jpg
I now have several bowls of glass balls around the house. I gathered them all and put in different bowls. Some are in crystal bowls I wanted out on display and some remained in more rustic settings like the wire basket
 photo d6cd1280-e7d2-45b3-9336-6d3f930fb650_zps371d7caa.jpg
 photo fcc89774-6079-4ab2-99e9-bc35bc2a10f2_zps1408b744.jpg
 photo e18bfdb4-ecbd-4b0e-92cc-b0e41ccf3cb6_zps3adda73f.jpg
As you know, I love glass. I love the glass balls and will no doubt continue to find them. The fish floats I get in antique shops all over the place and have been lucky to find some at yard sales too.
The glass bowl that I bought at Pier 1 is better with a candle in it than the glass balls.
 photo fba8ffb4-30fb-41ed-bc78-969fcc2a6241_zps52fe5276.jpg
This shows some of the small balls I have around. They are a danger for little kids but are out of reach for Cooper at the moment
 photo 0f98736d-4c23-495e-a687-38fe3a6a3eb0_zps81c4e134.jpg
In the dining room things are much the same except that I took out all the old tins collection and replaced those with cups and saucers and teapots. I am using a couple of the cans in the kitchen but not sure what I will do with the others yet.
 photo 02a8ae19-5cb7-4119-a3e6-858c81ac777e_zpsf4b47d89.jpg
 photo 3d4eab45-96bf-4154-9d8f-f367959cb585_zps2bb404e4.jpg
The kitchen so far has not changed really. Neither did the other rooms. Not from what it was before Christmas anyway.
I have really enjoyed doing this. I am able to use some of my collections but still need to find what to do with all that have been removed.
I dread sorting out down in the basement. I will be able to decorate the one room left over since Dan moved


  1. Very pretty. You have a way of making everything look so nice.

  2. It's lovely, Janice. What a nice way to begin the new year.

  3. Really love how everything is looking ;o) So beautiful ;o)


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