This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sketching outside.................

Today was a beautiful day. I sat outside on the deck with my paint box and sketching book. I had already drawn most of the pictures and this was a perfect day to fill them in. Good light.
Well they will be fiddled with from now till I close up this book but you can take a peek as they are now......I will go back through the pages and add some words as they come to me.
 photo b6004244-7649-422e-8ce9-fcc306e18c05_zpscab5ff1c.jpg
 photo a794cb71-ed0f-4618-b362-f849366fa920_zps812ac2cf.jpg
Sometimes I get an idea from other blogs, sometimes from books and some just come to me.
 photo b3b66618-0abd-43a7-b046-b733b6f6adb0_zps5d521bd2.jpg
some things I just can't explain. (above) This little lady is way too stiff, but not as bad as she started out, I must read up a bit on this technique. I could not get her to relax.
 photo 45171bb9-5af8-4caf-a7be-971fa6d6cb1e_zpsfb9e024a.jpg
Pouting cherub
 photo 6f937acb-1350-4ed4-b1e0-2a211a961a1f_zpscc20bc72.jpg
 photo 51b4d69e-0a5e-4ead-bd02-8deff7db2a0d_zps82811248.jpg
 photo 11c37a09-a568-48f3-9d62-55a1e55e0aef_zpsc1290579.jpg
More faces and stuff
 photo f8c44042-0d25-448b-9609-2bacbe114361_zps182c7f02.jpg
Practice with eyes
 photo 785cfe04-2325-43cb-9a9d-d97936da8c60_zpsa4b20c9c.jpg
More stuff
 photo 1c1530d9-328f-4e4f-8a79-d98639132b36_zps12a07e93.jpg
more birds and flowers, never get tired of them
 photo 398998de-d3b2-459a-b96e-cdcedfab1e36_zps878192a7.jpg
 photo 782f4705-0ab1-4b9e-aacf-bdcf41eac2e7_zps09a01155.jpg
more sunflowers
 photo f11260a6-ad59-4cfe-ab6b-5c7bee05d0c5_zps6fbacab5.jpg
nearly done
 photo 8f1051e3-7515-450c-86ef-e61ebd6e58ca_zps4a0e7bf3.jpg
Animals always a great subject for me, now to get them lifelike without overdoing it

 photo 3779d233-a838-41ad-8679-e8d5fed340a8_zps8a41ea16.jpg
That is not easy, some people can just make them live with just the colour and mix of the paint. I am not there yet
 photo 8f7512c3-4c0f-4be7-9da4-d037a83d1116_zpsb07edbec.jpg
more critters
 photo 54367f0a-5f51-4f0a-b6b2-375ef3cef8d2_zpsd074f2f6.jpg
Frogs from a book I have..........
 photo a6fc3abe-099c-42a6-b735-51843ddeae03_zpsb25e919f.jpg
 photo 46463192-bd57-4f56-94dc-b8ff0912c0d6_zps7b1db2b5.jpg
and lastly
 photo 21fb5008-98f1-422b-9d30-13c3be00865a_zpsb499b75f.jpg thats that.
By the way, that is hay, not his rocket boosters

Thursday, September 25, 2014

More Bizzy Bees.................

Bumble Bee.....
 photo ddf8d475-ad74-4478-9c80-2f969bc4cbb1_zps7c5689b3.jpg
I just love the fuzzy little buzzers. I think this may be a carpenter bumble bee. I find it difficult to get good information with pictures to ID them.
 photo 440ca53b-0345-4ee0-a82c-65605335a093_zpsde1e37cc.jpg
The green ones that glitter are sweat bees, don't know why they are called that. Too pretty for a name like that.
 photo d5d2c54c-b2cc-46d2-87cd-2974b4b99d1c_zps27efd43b.jpg

This is a Honey Bee, this is the one who we like to keep to make honey for us. This is an endangered species, or soon will be. Glad to see them busy.
 photo 7f4c4896-103e-4ecc-803f-99e9f7cbf091_zps1b698f78.jpg

The following two are Tri coloured Bumble Bees.

 photo 2873d079-d017-4115-aba6-6837e929a4b8_zpsec444575.jpg

 photo 3b3f5b54-543e-4053-86e5-41dddbde1fd5_zps34cf63af.jpg

Wasps do the same job in many ways, but they are not as friendly. They can be bitchy.
 photo c62acd17-3bf7-4118-8641-7c9ca5308da0_zps9ccd5975.jpg

hips and haws a sign of Autumn for sure. Hips are oval and the haws are round.
 photo c564e6bd-066f-443f-ad3a-c13d062a87df_zpse4596fc2.jpg
Another Bumble
 photo f0c63556-2a1d-410d-aae6-549501fe4b10_zps89b1648b.jpg
Well this was a dud of a post but I wanted to use my bee pictures.
How about I throw in some seed pods LOL.... Tickle weed and lambs tails (grasses) no idea what the real name is. I am going to have to get some nature books for next year. When I was in England I knew all the wildflowers and grasses but not here in Michigan. I am on a mission though and Tristen is going to know the woods as he grows, and know what grows there.
 photo 12b1e22a-1fc5-48f3-865f-d3dcbfb117c8_zpsc1afe3cf.jpg
I liked how the light shone on this grass, and again I don't know what it is but I will learn
 photo cbddeb46-b6f3-44c7-98f3-1207f3b70bdc_zps07969adf.jpg
These stick to you as you walk through the long grasses, a smaller version is heck on a dogs coat.
 photo 17d1052c-6ac2-441d-8200-1d5954a17537_zps3f50644b.jpg
 photo e9302dcd-6330-4652-8319-873a16adc39b_zpsc40cccb4.jpg
Queen Annes Lace
 photo 9d557183-49cf-495e-b40f-6cfa74652cf4_zpse57609b6.jpg
well, thats it for now, not a normal post for this blog but I wanted to use my photo's so for now its going to be fine. Maybe later I will change it over to the Garden Blog but for it be.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

sketch books......

It's been awhile since I posted anything from my sketch book. I really have not done anything worth posting. I gave it a break for a time but found myself back at it. After a break I seemed to have lost the knack. I really have not done anything any good. Still, I must post the bad with the good, so here are a few recent ones.
 photo 7ea5526c-da10-4e44-b7cc-2d17bff3c1fa_zps907a8a8f.jpg
 photo f82afc37-c6f5-4490-a047-8fcc47641b4d_zpsb5cd9804.jpg
Some things just do not photo well but thats OK. My sketch book is something I work on continually until its full. I go back and add to each page as I am inspired. I copy things from books and I like to put inspirational verses and sayings on each page too.
 photo 3c129173-a812-47fe-a893-db31557fbc46_zps9079fa19.jpg
The purpose has changed through each book. I began by trying to loosten up my paintings. That is still a goal. I am not trying for realism here, even though that is my preference.
 photo bb0c7b22-2c5b-4e99-bf7b-6f8e37151783_zps89a48221.jpg
 photo dafe717f-54f6-454e-8b6d-e58e1bb8e241_zps43f14e62.jpg
I am very inspired by other blogs who do painting or drawing. Some are just so good, they can not help but inspire.
 photo d822036e-57f0-4471-81d1-17973a1ac957_zps83298a29.jpg
I don't know where this journey will lead me but I am sure enjoying it. What will I do with all the sketch books?
 photo cca2535f-480d-4027-a5f0-bc281ec3b969_zps3754dfda.jpg
simplicity.......I would like to illustrate childrens books. I would actually enjoy writing one with simple pictures.
 photo 2a544f01-6688-48f7-b120-0431758dc0a5_zpsef79e189.jpg
 photo 0239eddc-43fe-40b0-9a92-9794e295f7d1_zps35aab1f7.jpg
Well that's enough for now.............I finally got my photobucket sorted out again. So now I have to get down to getting my other blogs done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Autumn Yellows.............

 photo 57011171-315f-4038-b57a-5c4a55a46200_zpsedb12044.jpg
Soon to be orange, but now it's yellow. Such a pretty yellow.
The Sunflowers were just so pretty
 photo 8d4f7e94-a69b-41be-892e-d0d8d0327ae8_zps6807b7dc.jpg
It was the icing on the cake when I saw this Monarch.
 photo ee29c023-87ae-4620-8d1d-3324fccde106_zps49160e30.jpg
Sunflowers, what could be better than sunflowers on a clear day with a brilliant blue sky.
 photo ab3ce197-4c4f-4c7f-b20b-43810cb3f0fa_zps60c13339.jpg
 photo 428f6a09-bfdb-4ee2-a8b4-d91db1f6ae9a_zps1065b69d.jpg
 photo c1420aab-38f6-4e0c-b2f3-7c3c8ff24039_zps8f93b11f.jpg
At the farm market there were some very pretty Zinnias.
 photo 641d8a6a-b18e-4926-8688-3f951b1002b5_zps3b2ba24b.jpg
A yellow Butterfly on a yellow Sunflower........
 photo ea128be9-0c71-494b-9dd7-8dc104b8c93c_zps0a78727c.jpg
Yeh that blue blue sky
 photo 14333434-def3-474e-8734-402f8caa171b_zpse249d883.jpg
This post is in lieu of a craft or art project. I have been so busy with the walks and outdoor adventures I have not got into my projects. SO much I want to do and get done before Christmas. It's not that far off. I just want to make the most of this last of the great weather. It looks like tomorrow its going to rain. Who knows, I might just get something done that I can show ya........
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