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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beach treasures......

In between everything that was happening this summer we went beach combing. I think I have written about us collecting Petoskey stones often enough. Well we did that and got pretty big hauls.
 photo 101_0345_zpsob9tulyq.jpg
The above was a small amount of what we got most days that we went. Petoskey stones are only found in this area. So they say. It is an extinct coral that used to live here in Lake Michigan. People make jewelry and keepsakes from it. I just like to find it. I am thinking of trying to make a few things this winter though. I would like to make some jewelry but the process seems complicated. I did buy a little drill though. It's the polishing and cutting that is daunting.
The other thing we really got excited about was the "Leland Blue" ..........well, here's the story. The Leland blue is simply slag. It comes from the process of smelting iron. In the late 1800s a whole boat load was dumped into the lake near Leland. They have over time washed up on the beaches. Some of it in the form of slag.
 photo 101_0336_zpsizualnhm.jpg
The stones are rough and full of bubbles. Some though is washed up as pebbles and are found in aqua, blue, green, purple and turquoise,
 photo 101_0305_zpsevzqtfeg.jpg
These are much sought after now. It's sort of ironic because years ago I had loads of them. I threw most away because I knew it was just slag. I also know a place to find them in the UP. I want to go and get a load. Not sure if I can do it this year though.
As well as stones we pick up beach glass. Realize that people mostly use plastic now. Glass bottles are not allowed on beaches any more and so beach glass is becoming rare. Its fun to find.
 photo IMG_0013_zpso6pwsi4i.jpg
Anyway, the search is the fun part.
 photo 102_0254_zpssx4qfgna.jpg
This is a piece of local made jewelry made from Petoskey stone and Leland Blue with Silver. I don't know the artist but I would like to have it
 photo bd3d316113d0fb5ea3997e14ee5b5f04_zps4wfk8lfz.jpg
I will use my drill and see what I can make myself but I am going to look for something like the one above because I will never be able to do that myself.

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  1. You sound like me Janice....always looking for a new arty crafty thing to try! I'd love to see how you go with your necklace...Mimi xxx


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