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I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sketchbook updates................

Some I have shown before maybe, but I finished them and am done with that book. I started another but its on drawing paper and so I am colouring with coloured pencils. Not liking it much.
Most of these are watercolour. Nothing spectacular but I will share anyway.
 photo IMG_0001_zpsnkh3tdrg.jpg
 photo IMG_0002_zpsbtrgbbie.jpg
 photo IMG_0005_zpsbd2mkvu1.jpg
I borrowed the next one from someone, well the idea anyway. I was trying to get the shine on the shell and I do quite like it
 photo IMG_0009a_zpsz9bbuhqu.jpg
 photo IMG_0010_zpsyjuga1xb.jpg
 photo IMG_0012_zpssnpunsuo.jpg
Most of these do not photo well as all I do is a quick shot without setting them up properly
 photo IMG_0013_zpszgjcsxnj.jpg
 photo IMG_0014_zpszmnrnord.jpg
I am not doing anything in any sort of order, nothing is organized. I am just doing a rough draft of ideas. At some point I may go back and actually pick some of the ideas up and do proper pictures,

 photo IMG_0021_zpsivhuvz24.jpg
 photo IMG_0017_zpsnnyqidu3.jpg
 photo IMG_0022_zps3y4l4wiq.jpg
 photo IMG_0027_zpscwjydtcd.jpg
In most cases I am still not trying for realism here. I want to get the idea of more childlike pictures with the idea of maybe illustrating. To do that I must loosten up. Depending on what I decide to do in the end. Probably nothing but I am enjoying the process
 photo IMG_0028_zpswhkp97wh.jpg
 photo IMG_0037_zpsb39vjgdx.jpg
 photo IMG_0041_zpscu2fa4xl.jpg
I do enjoy doing simple faces
 photo IMG_0042_zpshklntrof.jpg
 photo IMG_0048_zpsrynvvuv3.jpg
 photo IMG_0053_zpsl4vdhwhs.jpg

 photo IMG_0073_zpsmd2uqwhu.jpg

 photo IMG_0075_zpstlmpkjet.jpg
I know I am posting a lot this time and some is already familiar but rather than sort them I am just putting them out here.

 photo IMG_0081_zpssindbofx.jpg

 photo IMG_0084_zpsd7p8nqyx.jpg

 photo IMG_0086_zpsuvq8nnri.jpg
 photo IMG_0088_zpsobdwknra.jpg

 photo IMG_0089_zpshzsesrwt.jpg

 photo IMG_0090_zpsd8zdsngy.jpg

 photo IMG_0091_zpsvfivze09.jpg

 photo IMG_0093_zpsgvjhrunh.jpg
A couple of Haiku thrown in
 photo IMG_0094_zpsonuqvwii.jpg

 photo IMG_0095_zpsnwozbajb.jpg
Thats it.........thank goodness. This Winter I am thinking of making some painted stones. I have loads of ideas but will it get done. Tristen is in school all day now, well I have to leave at 2.30 but thats still a bit of free time. Then again I also want to quilt and do other sewing projects so who knows how this Winter will go. Meanwhile I am still making the most of whats left of summer


  1. Janice, what gorgeous sketches. I love the mermaid and the ballerina. Your pictures and slogans really made me smile today, when I've had an awful day supporting a troubled loved one. Thankyou. Mimi xxx

  2. How very nice!! I especially like your picture of the lady bug. So vibrant! Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing!


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