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Friday, January 26, 2018

Making Cards..................

I found this site a long time ago but now have become hooked. Annsdoodles. She, well, she doodles. It is a lot more than that though. She has such an imagination and such talent. I have bought several of her cards. I really want to study her techniques. She has been very helpful in giving me tips on products. I will show some of my efforts. Not to be compared to hers.
 photo 147ec2e7-cade-4a4a-93ac-6f5343b91817_zpsrvtifng9.jpg
I am making generic cards at the moment. The one above may be Birthday? I like the next one better. I will put some sparkle on the bees wings I think.
 photo 20180126_123803_zps84r5xxms.jpg
Both of those are based on ideas by Annsdoodles. I must come up with original ideas but meanwhile I need practice.
This one is more original although as it came from my sketchbook, it may be someone else's idea. I did not copy it though so in a way it is original.
 photo 27444d4a-7387-4c4d-9da4-037cb33cdb2a_zpsbdmg4qil.jpg
The next two are Valentines, sort of. I made one for Reina to send later
 photo 20180125_162516_zps4vejzuja.jpg
 photo 20180125_162537_zpsrhx8sua6.jpg
If all goes well, maybe I can make Christmas cards for next year.
 photo 3a67bb1d-3176-4336-888c-f91ea9aed3b6_zpsp0mcfdyf.jpg
This next one I just sent to my cousin Robin in England. Robin is dying, he may have a week or two at most. I made this to send him love. I hope that he gets it in time.
 photo 20180126_093318_zps3lp92ulh.jpg
Then there is this little girl, this one is unfinished. I am not sure where I want to go with it yet.
 photo 20180126_164907_zps3an5lwaq.jpg
This is the last one for now
 photo 20180119_121927_zpswgrnnrga.jpg
That's it for now. I have lots of improving to do. They don't look so good when I go back and look at them again. Certainly not compared to Ann's. Ah well, it is fun fun for now. I still have that pile of quilts sitting there that needs attention soon.
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I think these may be finished now.
 photo 20180127_160441_zpsgbhbf4ui.jpg
 photo 20180127_160428_zpsiqmxkne8.jpg
 photo 20180127_160417_zpsnwdllb28.jpg
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  1. Your cards are enchanting! Well done! Have a grand day!

  2. Janice, they are all so adorable. When we have that creative talent it just has to come out somehow.!

  3. These are so precious Janice! Well done!!


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