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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lasagna ......

I was shopping for pasta today and I thought we had not had Lasagna for a long time. SO that is what we had for supper. I made a quick version. I would normally make my own sauce but used a spaghetti sauce instead. So this is what I used....
 photo 692bea7f-5b5c-4ed8-9119-f8f33200f0ee_zps625e477a.jpg
I sprayed the dish first this time around, I put some sauce on the bottom and then a layer of noodles. I used Ragu with mushrooms adding some chives and parsley and garlic salt I added that to cooked hamburger. I always use Angus beef and not really hamburger. I would normally make my own sauce from scratch but wanted a quick dinner this time.
 photo 29513d53-05b7-4502-b7d3-c21f41167bbd_zps04fa5a2d.jpg
I then added some of the meat mix to the noodles. Then another layer of noodles
 photo 3b933f5a-f343-45e5-92d5-818f397383b1_zps437dd102.jpg
 photo eee26af0-20ba-4d1a-9c56-81c94bae5a89_zps5697ec50.jpg
Next a layer of cheese, Ricotta. I sometimes use cottage cheese as well but this time I didn't, I put in some mozzarella instead.
 photo e688506a-efb8-4a49-9005-32bf63a9f4b7_zpse28e2e93.jpg
It's really a matter of just layering everything until its all used up. Then on the top a good thick layer of Mozzarella cheese
 photo 1d0ade05-e739-4748-9912-9bcaa2a22fb6_zps685d2445.jpg
Bake at 350 until the cheese is brown and crunchy. Yum, cheese.
 photo 0087845d-5b27-40a1-8d55-a81290b0f9f6_zps51457192.jpg
Its delicious
 photo f3a90661-5dfc-426f-8956-8bc59b848ae0_zps3a6a423e.jpg

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