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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Todays treasures..............

Today I was able to stop at Goodwill again, the place I found my last hoard of treasures. Today I found more...........
 photo b9e6ed0e-4bec-426c-80a3-ba5721c1b6da_zps3c978139.jpg
One of the things I have been looking for were cups and saucers. They had to be pretty but not so pretty that I would want to keep them. So, these 3 that I found are perfect. One will be a bird feeder. One will be a pincushion. That is if it works as planned.
 photo 1e8ea632-489c-4fa6-bc66-6c1912231140_zpsee106a01.jpg
 photo b0c6e765-33f4-4ec1-8176-068de67cc92b_zps4afc1453.jpg
The other things I found also have uses eventually. The glass is for making bird baths and garden ornaments. Stacked one on the other into towers and platforms to hold water or seeds. The red vase is tall enough to be a base.
 photo 85823351-b60a-46d6-8268-f287031645d5_zpsf4518b51.jpg
I will maybe use the silver bowl I found last time as the top. Maybe put some red jewels around its edge to make it work. I also found this beautiful bowl. Its very heavy and so had to have been a good one. That I will keep because its in perfect condition and I like it. A small fruit bowl maybe. It could be crystal I don't know, but if its not then its leaded glass for sure.
 photo 0b724b7c-c26e-4cf7-8532-08b25658a7e0_zps025e6c2c.jpg
The rest of the glass things will either be kept because I use a lot of glass dishes or will go towards my craft projects.
 photo d712ebe3-8795-41e1-8900-458dd00f346d_zps519ea5a7.jpg
 photo 6277dae9-4d80-4cda-8838-1afc76cd5b33_zps157b85b8.jpg
Then to top off the plates that make the top of the bird feeders I found an angel
 photo 1ecbb691-c2bf-4db7-979d-900da9b189f3_zps02de6277.jpg
She will look pretty topping a garden ornament I think. Then for the house I found this lovely yellow dish.
 photo 27a2dd8f-2cf0-41c9-ad5c-1fafffab6646_zps82673b96.jpg
 photo e5ada3de-d2d0-4a58-8d11-1fad0c1d8dc6_zps8eb91939.jpg
I got another pitcher. I don't know what I want to do with it, its pretty. I could use it as a planter or keep to use for gravy maybe at Thanksgiving. Not sure about this one. I may just put it in the cupboard haha.
 photo 3acc9ff5-2bef-49c0-b10d-02143589eaeb_zpscbc4d836.jpg
I seem to be collecting roosters.I do not know why and it was not before this, something I intended. I am liking them though and already have two. Then last time I found the pitcher with rooster on it and the plate. This is this weeks find
 photo f2b7488f-b113-4eac-adb4-9767e6a5acdf_zps584df7f3.jpg
These I got for Tristen at 1.99 each. He will love them.
 photo 654cb633-8048-4eba-8330-08f26df32268_zps38436455.jpg
Then there is this............OK, no idea what I will do with her. The bedroom I am planning downstairs is blue maybe she will look good there.
 photo 15745cce-aebe-4757-96d0-33b5a0e87810_zps1fffce1f.jpg
The other two things I found were angels. Both planters. The larger one will go on Alex grave with some flowers planted in them. The smaller one, well that I am not sure, its not really much of a planter but maybe an ivy, wont be good on the grave as it would dry out too quick. It would hold bird seed though or water in a garden ornament, so I got that one anyway.
 photo 573cebb5-2908-4efe-8389-49c49191279e_zps1645a90a.jpg

Well I think that might be all that I found today, oh and I got two tops for wearing around the house. Not bad for an off chance afternoon thrift.
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  1. You have found some pretty things.

  2. Wow! You brought home a lot of nice treasures, and you know just what you're going to do with them, that's great. I always enjoy a stroll through GW. Have a great week.

  3. Wow girl! You rocked!!! I love the items you got! I am coming shopping with you!!! You really got some great items!!! You're going to have so much fun!!!

  4. Tristen is going to have fun too ;o)


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