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Monday, March 10, 2014

More thrifties............

One of the things I have been collecting is plates. We stopped at the thrift store where I found my other bargains. These are 4 of the plates that I got this time. These I do think I will use in the garden, not yet sure how. But I have found some nice blue and white ones that I am thinking I will use in the new blue bedroom when its done.There are two with Lavender on them and so I am thinking that I will attach those to something to put in the Lavender pots.
 photo 3d700f80-4e78-43ef-a712-9e4ee1c5d68d_zpsc01d06bc.jpg
This is what I have made so far with what I got last time. It will be a bird bath for the front garden maybe.....I may add to it but not yet sure.
 photo c252ab81-3aff-4fea-91f3-42075a5ac780_zps95d1a470.jpg
Some of the things I found this time were blue and white.
 photo b6cbd120-69ce-4d96-95d3-85bf44e71709_zps4e1c300b.jpg
So what do I do with these?
 photo b844d994-5fdf-42d2-950f-3dfaae35756d_zps6ac505aa.jpg
 photo 7eb20f24-8851-4f85-af87-7bd869e925d7_zpsfcf03645.jpg
 photo fb13d6a3-7f7d-4796-b42a-03deff407ea9_zps79086818.jpg
 photo 1164758a-69d8-4453-8d64-abdb2f4ea2d0_zps6bf743f0.jpg
All of those combinations......but I think I may keep it inside and make it into a plant holder.
 photo 2af0465a-02e4-4e10-af7d-b3bfe9b94fb7_zps9a9e7a11.jpg
I think I like the big plate on the top and to use it to hold a plant like an ivy or something like that. What do you think?
I also found this sweet little tea pot. This also may stay inside. I am going to try hard to lighten up my colours at some point. My olive dining room needs to be a lighter green and although I will keep my same colours through the house, I need to repaint and I want to go lighter.

 photo 2c7d84d6-7586-4229-851e-edb2912a04ab_zpscaa9c0bf.jpg
I also found this little tin angel who will live outside. Probably as a part of one of my creations.
 photo 93d857a1-dc2f-47ae-9026-b5cf7a664518_zps1c3ff4ff.jpg
Well.........this has to stop. I could buy garden ornaments already made for what I have spent at the thrift stores. Then again, I now have a collection of blue plates and they will make a nice wall display for the new blue bedroom.

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  1. "So what do I do with these?" Oh very funny, I think you will figure it out. . LOL !
    What great finds. I love going to those places, but now I have such a small place..
    I have to think twice , ( sometimes not) before I bring something home.
    Have fun with all your goodies.

  2. Gosh what a lot of pretty finds. I do like the little teapot, so sweet.

  3. Loving everything you have purchased! The first four plates are gorgeous! I really like everything! And, I like what you are creating! I like the big plate on top too! Hugs ;o)

  4. Your new blue plates are so pretty! I love the idea of combining them all into a garden or house plant stand or statue. Around here they are priced VERY high! You had a great thrift day on your when that happens!


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