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Friday, July 4, 2014


I really don't have a lot today but wanted to do a post anyway. In my Facebook page Bluebell Woods, I post a lot of pretty pictures. I love the colour blue (also green) actually I like a lot of colours and my taste in colour depends upon its use. If its clothes then I like neutrals and love black. In my house I suppose earth tones dominated for the longest time but I am slowly changing that.............for flowers though and other things I just love blue. This first picture is a delicate blue, probably my favourite.
 photo 5f492a06-e306-4e81-ba60-701d614ed3f2_zps522526ed.jpg
I love it in pictures and probably in decorating too. I did a bedroom in blue and I am very happy with it.
 photo b1f0701c-5387-43fc-a66d-853938a9c98f_zps3011d617.jpg
There is a point where blue becomes purple, I am not sure where the line is but this china is beautiful
 photo 8d32d564-9148-4d41-841b-5d07bcab224d_zpsba49f1e7.jpg
Lavender may be a better word than purple, because this dress is not purple and yet is not blue either
 photo 7b1e2b57-3c9f-41ce-b495-c0389ef00911_zpse5a0803b.jpg
Then there is jewelry. My favourite stone is the diamond but the Tanzanite comes a close 2nd.
 photo aa50f340-fbe8-4d54-96ae-08bf7b2e90f5_zpse4ced811.jpg
I suppose the flowers take the cake though
 photo 89176f70-d26b-4cde-8221-fbd4d1231a59_zps2e4c9566.jpg
so just a few pictures to put you in a blue mood.............not litterally but colourfully
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  1. I love blue too!
    And I love your blue bedroom! Please, come and paint mine that color, would you?
    Gee, thanks! :-)

  2. oh my gosh this is beautiful, the quilt on that bed makes me drool! I must find you on facebook!

  3. Just beautiful! And the bedroom is gorgeous! I love all of the blue :)

    Hugs to you!

  4. Blue is a great colour so peaceful and calm always good in a bedroom.

  5. Blue is such a soothing color, perfect for a bedroom! That china is gorgeous; I see it also has violets on it :)

  6. I love your colors of blue, lavenders and violets. I love the quilt too...


  7. Gorgeous post ;o) Really enjoyed all the beautiful pictures ;o)


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