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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking for garden containers..............

Saturday we took two of the poodles in for hair cuts. We had forgotten that it was the beginning of the Cherry Festival week. Traffic coming into town was backed up for miles. Lucky we knew a back way home or it would have taken hours. Well, while I was dropping off the poodles I could not resist popping into the thrift shop. I needed some containers or pots for the garden. Look what I found.
 photo fa54941f-72c4-476a-b726-e9a72f0abe96_zps1d8c70ec.jpg
I bought a nice big Hosta to go in this. It was perfect for the spot I needed it for. I really didn't see anything else that day that I could use as a planter but..........I found two crystal champagne glasses just like two I already have. I used to have 4 but two broke so now I have 4 again.
 photo 18c86afa-43aa-417f-be4c-8e75053b6166_zps85855986.jpg
Also two glass dishes. I may keep those to make a flower for the garden. I think that I can make something pretty if I can find just the right attachments. A project for this week maybe
 photo bff45c7e-8872-4e62-aeb0-a8953b8f94eb_zps3d7c118b.jpg
 photo 157e4425-f234-4d62-a4f6-08462f3e2f3c_zps07269538.jpg
The flat one would be the back with the wavy one would be the front, then I need something in the center. This week I will look for something.
The next thing was a couple of blue and white souvenier cups and saucers from Stratford On Avon in England.
 photo 3a79d66d-0088-41b4-b75c-a77cadc6149f_zpsa8360f88.jpg
I found this fairy welcome sign, just had to take that home
 photo e78ea4ee-e11c-4cd8-aba4-357baa4a7c46_zps2988c00a.jpg
Also an angel. I had just the spot for her too.
 photo b931fe6b-3be4-44b0-9e51-b8158615e955_zpsec86bdd8.jpg
The next thing that I could not leave behind was a milk and sugar bowl set and a gorgeous little bowl. The bowl is hand painted in Thailand. The gold is in relief and the blue is so pure and lovely. I had to have it. I will maybe put a plant in it.
 photo ea75190a-4531-4943-9a83-9f8d027c9b1d_zps4bf69ce2.jpg
 photo 95a1666b-c333-4bf8-aed5-1a8e579fc918_zpsaf303f64.jpg
Lastly I think was this small colander. It is black. It will be just right to rinse berries in. Or if it doesn't get much use then it too can be a planter, its just the right size for that too.
 photo 07a229cf-604e-4472-81b0-995d7cda5c46_zps70ced7b5.jpg
So, although my search for planters was only a partial success I do think I found some other good things.
I took the pictures with my phone. I did a very silly thing. I left my camera out on a barrel of flowers while I did some garden chores. Then I completely forgot and put the sprinklers on. Yes well, I thought the camera was ruined. It would not even turn on. Tried different things and gave up. went and got a new camera. I had wanted a new one, the Kodak was getting iffy at best. Now I had good reason. We were going to Gabbys for a cookout and I knew I would want to take pictures. I got a Nikon. It was not as expensive as the Kodak...........well tonight the Kodak turned on.
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  2. Awesome treasures! Isn't it wonderful to lose yourself in a good thrift shop?!

  3. Great finds Janice!!!! Sorry about your camera!! Hugs ;o)


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