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Sunday, July 20, 2014

New ornament..........

Only one new thing this time. I have been working in the garden on and off when its not too hot. I had found some dishes (prev post) and wanted to make a garden ornament with them. I needed some copper pipe in order to do that. Well finally I got some. So I used this flat Button glass dish and a wavy dish that together makes a flower
 photo 5a65aa75-3263-4fff-a179-14dd4ff0ec8d_zps0e1926d4.jpg
I stuck those together and then I used a small bottle on the back. I was hoping that would hold the pipe. It worked.
On the front I found one of my salts that I have a collection of, wont miss one will I? So stuck that to the front and then added a glass ball.
 photo e596b999-88cf-42ee-9a75-f9c767933158_zps38064482.jpg
I am still not happy with the height and will change that tomorrow. Right now it sticks up above everything like a stop sign.So tomorrow I put it on a shorter stick. I am using copper. I think it may go green eventually. This is how it looks in the garden.
 photo ec0629c4-5d50-4988-be96-4392ed65984b_zpse4ae91c9.jpg
The bottle on the back works well to hold it.
 photo 6e5b3404-f9ff-42c8-bcd3-32261b2094de_zps4e0ad516.jpg
I am pretty happy with this one. I think tomorrow I will start a new one. I have two glass plates outside that are on a ledge and cant really be seen. If I can find a couple of bottles to put on the back of those I will make a couple more and put them in the flower beds out back. Suncatchers.


  1. they are beautiful ,, how do they stay together?

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to go shopping for more glass pieces!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and i still do not know what those yellow flowers are called!! LOL!!

    This is a great idea especially using the bottle over the pipe!! Fantastic!! I may have to bother this!!


  4. This is so pretty! I love this Janice! Well done ;o)

  5. Oh I love the last one I think I could do that with a few dishes and E600 I know I couldn't drill in any dish
    I never am good with tools


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