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Friday, August 15, 2014

Bargain Hunting................

Lets see, Laura and I left the kids with Gerry and took off treasure hunting. We went to as many thrifts as we could remember. I did find a few things. First though I will show a couple of finished products in the garden.
See the blue and white tea cup?
 photo 6bc0990c-1854-430c-bcef-7d0c23e48f86_zps7a3295b9.jpg
Then the pink and black plate with the dragon fly.
 photo 9e35c0ea-50d2-4f03-a5c0-8cf494f0c153_zps65d1dd91.jpg
 photo 19baf948-998e-41ae-8d54-0346c5a1c2c0_zps5e072635.jpg
I like my ornaments to be subtle I don't personally like lawn ornaments. I like to be able to find them in hidden places and spots with no colour for added interest.
SO these now are what we found that trip. I was not impressed with any of the Thrift shops, they were very busy and I didn't find much. What I did find was a lot cheaper than at my fav shop, but then I knew their prices were high. I found two hand painted china plates made in Bavaria. They were 3 dollars each. Not sure I can use those in the garden they are just too pretty
 photo a2c3f5bf-ac35-4c20-93ac-85025ae01cf2_zps2a289bb6.jpg
 photo f2a65528-219f-4829-ae9c-7089f3492185_zpsdf6e9c0c.jpg
 photo 4c733d8c-c1df-4a92-bc75-2b23d2e44e27_zpsd94c1937.jpg
At another shop, more plates. This time one dollar each. Both had a butterfly theme so great for the garden.
 photo 070f43f2-e31a-42be-817a-05f1355ac58c_zpsaed6b391.jpg
 photo 490603c1-3de1-4b15-bfcb-c5d753558703_zps08647470.jpg
close up
 photo 0577f9ca-94eb-4293-8b7c-657112986bc2_zpsfd7852ed.jpg
So what else, oh yes I found this yellow vase. Not at all sure what I will do with this its sort of delicate,
 photo 6771e469-d15e-42d9-a439-1d8202aec25f_zps4fc94587.jpg
Then the last thing for just a dollar and something I wanted for the garden was a hanging basket
 photo 5052a6f5-c48e-454f-b795-f04d4d3e9b53_zps409723f8.jpg
Another success with not so much spent this time thank goodness
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  1. They are so pretty. I can't wait to have a home with room for a garden. Living in an apartment limits what we can do. Thanks for posting.

  2. Beautiful plates! The ones with the butterflies will be perfect for the garden. Do you take the ornaments in for the winter I was wondering? Cute fairy standing by the violets!

  3. What gorgeous bargains. And your garden is so pretty!

  4. You found some pretty plates and real bargains. '-)

  5. I love the ornaments in your garden. They do look great! I will ask the same question as Deb, do you take them in for the winter? Love your finds! Great plates! The hanging basket is excellent too! I think I would use the vase to drink out of! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  6. Are those Deb's flowers on the table?


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