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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Finished items................

It took long enough. I was waiting for the hubby to cut some pipe for me. Remember the hen and the matching plate I found.
 photo 6a2bfdc4-b895-4666-9c11-94c58fd35723_zps969ae327.jpg
Well they went together like they were made for each other. I fitted them with a small block of wood with a hole drilled through it. The copper pipe fitted in well.
 photo 0696f161-c6a0-4f50-9431-3aaa8410d69e_zps79da323f.jpg
AS you see these type of ornaments fit in among flowers and do very well. They need washing once in awhile.
 photo 5c565207-2630-448d-bee6-6af1ac5926aa_zps37e43f1d.jpg
 photo 199d5bb2-0893-4abe-a5cc-6eb079a85b73_zps1f40f413.jpg
The 2nd project was the tea pot. I had to use it this way because the top was glued on so not much else to be done with it
 photo bea11432-36da-49e3-8718-7e35f559bf85_zps09519019.jpg
I set this one a bit higher, it blended in with the larger garden and I really like the colours.
 photo dd0dd43a-b640-48cd-b7e3-767e77229885_zps6364543b.jpg
This one you can see its not sticking out like a sore thumb
 photo 516bd402-c3ad-4e16-a2a3-524916b1043f_zps96d8e9cf.jpg
Then I have one more thing to show. I was on Ebay..........should have known better, I don't go there. Can't remember now why I was actually. It's not something I usually do. Anyway. I found this cup and saucer.
 photo 48ed2556-bc93-4e75-a37a-47b40d6c8aa1_zps909a2061.jpg
 photo 5d11bd33-ceaf-47d7-92c1-7f071d9d0c6a_zpsc2e9ecd1.jpg
The asking bid was 50c so I bit one dollar. I won the bid and sent off my money via pay pal. The owner contacted me. She lives in my town and offered to save me the postage by bring the cup and saucer over. We met, she was about to return the postage to me (pay pal takes it direct to her account) so I said "Oh no, I am sure you were hoping for more than 50c I appreciate you bringing to me" She said it wasn't out of her way but still. So I think in all it cost me 6 bucks. I am going to put it in the garden and use it like this one
 photo d1349e04-3cfb-4ff5-94c9-5da2d83b68b5_zps3ffc638b.jpg
Now to get some more pipes cut down. At first I thought they should be taller but I didnt like them that way. So now I feel like I know more what I am doing and what I like.
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  1. These look so beautiful in your gardens!

  2. Janice, you rock girl! These are so much fun! If I lived closer, I would take them! LOL! Just teasing ;o) You should sell them! Great find on ebay! Lucky the girl lived in the same area ;o) Hugs ;o)

  3. Oh my Gosh!! These are fantastic! They are the perfect garden decoration!


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