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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Entrance........................

We began this project at the beginning of summer and its still not finished. I wanted to do before and after pictures but it would be a matter of finding old pictures again. I will try.
The back of our house has been changed several times but in recent years the back door opened at the side leading into the laundry room. We closed off that door and it will eventually be a window instead. The old dining room was a useless room really it will now be the new entrance. We never used it as it was but the printer was in there. I had a glass cabinet so the kids could not really play there so what good was it.
I can't find pictures as it was but here is some of the progression of things.
First the deck had to be changed.
 photo a34e92b7-8750-4185-98bf-6eac8728b8
In that picture you will see the 3 big dining room windows, they will come out and become a door. The back door with two side windows will become a window to the laundry. This next one shows the almost completed deck.
 photo 7b28bafd-8ecf-4b5b-b65f-ec1aa14c346d_zpse6cb8191.jpg
Inside we put the church bench in the laundry and that shuts off the old door. This will now not be the congested entrance that it was. Especially when we had people in and out in the winter, with coats and boots etc. The half bath is at the end and the washer and dryer opposite the bench. I am hoping for a biggish window where the door was.
 photo 37ca3581-3a11-41e3-a211-d7bc2a307b18_zps0a6cd365.jpg
 photo 3caa07aa-73fd-4286-89a1-bbf2869fa7d6_zps16fad9cd.jpg
 photo 14f25048-0591-4a68-be91-7e81daab316c_zps8a5574ce.jpg
Meanwhile, the new door goes in.This is how it looks from inside. I put some shelves to put shoes next to the French door that goes to the sitting room.
 photo 2a342b56-a5eb-406b-a148-e56135657e9f_zpsf853058f.jpg
I managed to get a coat tree at the thrift shop for 25 dollars. The last thing I needed was the cupboard and I found that one for 300 at a resale shop. Perfect for what I wanted. At this point the room is not yet painted or put together but you get how it will sort of look when done
 photo d7934576-f064-4623-9575-efb4f75a8587_zps14d7ecc3.jpg
The second project was the upstairs bathroom. I didn't even repaint it yet. It was black and white with green towels and rug. The theme was cats. I had cat pictures on the wall and the shower curtain was bordered with cats. Before Tristen came along I also had cat ornaments, well those had to go. Now it is a London theme. Bright and cheerful with hardly any effort or money.
 photo a0535e26-cf3c-4e4d-9828-1c12f18c10b6_zps41047326.jpg
I got the bin and box plus shower curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond.
 photo 68a79d49-d445-4f52-8f36-0e2facdc2da2_zps7b9a40ab.jpg
 photo d4f3fcb5-9020-4011-b2d1-a50034da1195_zpsaeca4b11.jpg
I already had this picture and that fit right in. All I had to buy was the towels and rug Viola!!!!
 photo 584db10a-f629-4f50-a56f-a6f2db1237b7_zps52707348.jpg
I wish I had before pictures but in any case it would have made a rather long post. It turns out that now I have a lot of red and yellow in the house. That was not planned. Must be in that kind of mood because I had changed the downstairs bath from a sea/fish theme to Geraniums with yellow walls. Hmmmmmm Maybe on another post we will do a tour. All for now.


  1. Is the bench for long lines at the bathroom or watching the laundry ;)

  2. Everything looks amazing! Good going Janice! A lot of work, but it is all coming along well ;o) Your bathroom is excellent! So much fun!
    Hugs ;o)

  3. My daughter would love the theme in your bathroom! I just dropped her off at Grad School & her roommate (who moved in a couple of weeks ago) had put up a London/Paris themed shower curtain--she was in heaven!

  4. Hi Janice -- thanks for coming to my blog and following! I'm delighted to discover yours! As you may have been able to tell from mine, I am also from Michigan! I'll reply to your comment individually but wanted to tell you how much I love your bathroom! I love the London theme -- it's a favorite place -- and I may have to trot to Bed/Bath/Beyond to get a wastebasket like that for myself!


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