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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Look what I made this time.............

Laura took me to my Thrift shop the other day. They have a name for me there. I am the Tea cup lady. Hmmmmmm. Is it bad that they know me there? Well naturally I found a few things. I forgot to take pictures at the time and cant remember all I bought. Oh I did find a coat rack, a stand up one for 25.00. That will be great when the entrance is finished. Anyway, I spent just over 100 dollars so I must have got something. I bought a couple of things for Laura but apart from that it was all mine.
First off this lovely crystal bowl. It's either crystal or good cut glass, not sure.
 photo 87c103c9-50ff-4892-8884-f039a740dd2f_zpsd1fc802e.jpg
Then the flower vase. I bought two of those. One was a cheap one, I could tell but this one, this was beautiful. It's heavy and is probably cut glass.
 photo e00b7af0-c400-400b-ba89-80e82d46e8d5_zps4628cdee.jpg
The cheaper one is going to be used in a garden ornament. I also found a crystal box, it has a snowflake design on the top. I need another glass box like I need a glass eye.
 photo e148ac27-f6ad-4246-ae4c-90f9931dc3e0_zpsc6eebfc4.jpg
I found this vase, the colours seem right for the garden. Now to find something to do with it..........
 photo 5d8e7758-3338-4786-9110-a739ca3e857a_zps68183e6a.jpg
One of these days my dining table will be clear of all this. (yea and then my sewing stuff will be out) ..... These necklaces are 1.99 each and come with earrings. I bought them for the beads. I will use them in projects.
 photo 44a28495-952d-4413-8603-b5012ad17548_zpscefbb5db.jpg
There is another that I bought that was made of butterfly, I will use that in a project too.
 photo 6e0e3796-2122-4c2b-abb0-64d706a7c6a8_zps9e47c378.jpg
Well on to my projects for this week. I am making a garden ornament. I had put the top together from the last plates I found.
 photo b03d5600-a3a1-4a09-81fa-0b922234f314_zpsf2dcbe5f.jpg
I added the dragon fly that had broken off something else. I had been waiting for a base. The flower vase from this week and a glass dish from this time put together was just the ticket. The earrings that came with the beads added something because I had already decided to hang the glass ball. I quite like the results.
 photo 5c4cfbc6-0acd-40ff-a9cd-3d8f117ed56e_zps53a46234.jpg
This is the end project
 photo a0ea9884-c587-433e-8a02-a8c9db433095_zps97e0ce4d.jpg
This vase I got because it would fill a space on my bookshelf.
 photo 0c490a59-f882-4c54-8177-bcc566917819_zpse8f703f9.jpg
I can't think of anything else. Usually I keep the stuff out and take pictures but this time I forgot. I could spend a fortune in there, and it occurs to me I could buy stuff cheaper but I love to be creative and also the money goes to a good cause. Will I go back this week. I dont know yet. I do need a few plates to finish up some projects but I need to keep my spending more under control
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  1. This turned out gorgeous!!! I do love that stained glass dragonfly. You must have a pretty upscale thrift store there, because those of not inexpensive pieces that you found. The butterflies are awesome, too!

  2. Lovely thrifty finds Janice!! I couldn't help but smile at the "Tea Cup Lady". I think everyone should have a thrift shop name. I wonder what mine would be :)

  3. Hey Tea Cup Lady ;o) LOL! Great finds! Really mean that! And, I love what you created with the dragonfly! Well done ;o)

  4. I was a tea cup lady once, I am trying to pass them on to good homes now LOL
    Love your newest creation all stacked up there

    Janice Kay


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