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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today's Finds................

Today was the day for poodle hair cuts so naturally, as my Thrift shop is right next door......what do you think? Yes, I just felt it my duty to go in and browse. So here are a few finds for today.

 photo 883f1a61-eea3-47ef-82d3-29c701f9c377_zpsfb74a169.jpg
I thought the rooster would look good in my garden. He may just sit somewhere looking pretty or I may make a larger ornament with him on the top. I have been collecting Roosters so......
 photo 49db73b1-ce21-4741-8f84-8013f329b339_zps8d54111b.jpg
 photo f6630694-0b9c-4239-b3cd-72dd7400721d_zps5c1b662f.jpg
I have no idea what I will use these for but maybe at Christmas I can fill them with stuff I make for gifts. The cans fit inside each other and were 6 dollars. They are in any case nice containers.
Here is another Rooster
 photo 9e43270d-40bf-473b-8d91-2f89ee76371a_zps56a80e6c.jpg
And this one too........this is much like the other one that now sits in my garden. I may just keep this one.
 photo 7c47f419-87c5-4772-8b5a-daab1fa227b2_zps295f3fdc.jpg
I found two vases. The blue one is beautiful in the light, it was made in India and has those glass squares all over a Cobalt blue glass.
 photo de890f48-03b6-44d7-b984-9e44efab5a21_zps365e8ed2.jpg
That will go outside as a base for something else. Not sure what just yet. The green one I will keep, green and pink are my dining room colours.
 photo 18163bb3-d9fd-413f-ba85-3201f309f26e_zps38772537.jpg
I will be needing pots when I bring in plants for the winter. So will be looking for things like that. I guess I would rather pay the thrift shop than a store. I know I probably pay more than in most thrift shops for the items I choose. This pink candle holder will be the center of a plate flower I think
 photo bd5e5e47-b1ca-46f3-b19b-819c2ae44056_zpse7edad47.jpg
This next item is actually Limoges it is stained but in perfect condition otherwise. The gold is 18k
 photo 69160e2b-c767-4fb3-8811-fd03cf60cefb_zpsaec4fc7b.jpg
The plates/dishes I found were these. The first I got because I already have some and these are so useful. I do believe they are dollar store items but I bought it anyway.
 photo 9ed7846e-0785-4f0d-852e-5cc0bc596dcd_zpsb3084876.jpg
The next two, I am not sure if they are old or not. In any case they will either be used for garden ornaments or I will keep. When I do a party I use glass dishes, bowls and plates. So may swap them out for some plainer ones I may have.
 photo 607fbb7c-3ab9-4a85-b8ff-5707ab407a60_zps647e9e03.jpg
 photo ececce1a-01fe-4506-b1c8-27a249fc3015_zpsf8247c2a.jpg
This I bought just because it's pretty. You know I love glass, crystal or cut glass. This was beautiful and I will find a home for it somewhere.
 photo 6eed81ee-3dc6-4fe1-999e-85977b280567_zps81c9fcbe.jpg
Before I end, I cant remember if I posted these glass plates before or not. There are 8 of them for 8 dollars. I loved the colour. I got them for the garden but........I may just keep them and use at Christmas as chargers under another plate? I wish I was the sort to do table scapes and set a pretty table but, well I am not just yet. You never know though so I will keep them.
 photo d6c334e9-8ccb-4755-b0f3-74b9714862bf_zps7d5dbb21.jpg
So thats it folks, my day at the thrift................can't wait to go back. Sigh..........I really don't need anything. I have brought up a few boxes from the basement to go through. It will soon be time to pack stuff away so I better get finished so I can begin sewing
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  1. What good taste you have, love the roosters and the green plates, but my absolute favorite is the scent bottle.

  2. What pretty finds! I also love roosters! I have my kitchen decorated with chicken items of all kinds! Such a delightful post!

  3. Wow Janice! Excellent finds! A lot of pretty items! You really have a good eye and your stores have great stuff! Hugs ;o)
    P.S. Do you do all the dusting inside and all the gardening outside?

  4. Treasures found for sure! I love that white rooster with the tsrawberries. Too cute!

  5. Excellent finds! Sometime when I am north I'll need to get your antiquing site list!


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