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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bedroom number Five................

Bedroom number five was until recently the room my ex son in law lived in. He has moved on in his life so I have my room back. It still needs to be painted but that can wait. I am not sure if I want to keep the walls blue or if I should go with something else. Anyway, Gerry has the base boards to do yet. Meanwhile.......I was going to put my "patriotic" quilts on the bed but it seems rather off, to put that with Native American stuff. Sort of an insult to them. So..........for now I am thinking.
 photo DSCN2706_zpsd61ff361.jpg
The quilts would be like the pillow, sort of. The big picture is the one from the living room. I wanted it somewhere safe and I thought it went well there as a backdrop to the bed. What do you think? The next picture was in the living room too and both are too big for the walls in this room. They are original paintings that my parents bought me so do not want them damaged. One of the kids may want them some day.
 photo DSCN2711_zps6b11efea.jpg
I collected Native American stuff while on vacations. The piece of wood under the painting was from Arizona, its has carving on it.
 photo DSCN2712_zpsa45714c9.jpg
I love this mask, the lady who made it took the cast of her sisters face. Her sister loved the outdoors and so on the mask are imprints of corn, pine cones.....creatures foot prints. Feathers and beads.
 photo DSCN2714_zpsc69c79a2.jpg
I wish I could have got more of her work. This other mask is not Native American but I liked it anyway
 photo DSCN2715_zps743dfc0d.jpg
I made this guy many years ago in a decorative painting class
 photo DSCN2713_zps58c516eb.jpg
The bookshelf holds treasures I have picked up on vacations out west. Includes a Katchina Doll from Texas bought from the man who made it. The clay likeness of a chapel down that way, potters, Baskets hand woven and beaded, some birch boxes with quill work on them. Carvings from the Canadian Carver up in Ontario among other things.
 photo DSCN2710_zpsf6828365.jpg
This was originally the blue room, and this little shelf held some momento's from childhood. They are now boxed up somewhere. The little plaque in the center is a piece of bark off of a pine tree. It looked like a bird and so I put on a piece of wood and it hung in the living room for many years. The stag is lead, and came from my Granddad's house.
 photo DSCN2709_zpsa4f8e714.jpg
This corner is not finished yet. I have a board of arrow heads that will go in the corner. The bow and arrow will go with the mask. This is just the beginning for this room. It needs a quilt and pillows as well as painting but at least I made a start
 photo 1762aa24-5f44-4f6b-ac44-c9dae0d2203e_zps27e60d7e.jpg
When I get the arrow heads up on the wall I will add that picture to this post
 photo f701472e-99cc-4341-bb90-c20271e27b08_zps15b77598.jpg
The Arrow head collection I purchased from an antique shop. They came from a museum in Virginia I you see I did put one of my quilts in the room. Not sure if it will stay or not and yes I do have to do something with the window treatment. Not sure what just yet.
 photo 7a1d1bdf-8492-45da-9ec9-357e2358d6d9_zps90259aa1.jpg
I like how it is coming along. The quilt is not so much patriotic as I thought. When I bought it I wanted something for a boys room as most of my rooms are feminine. I just dont want to disrespect the Indian theme.
Anyway, I found a valance to use for now and took down the nets..........nothing more to do until I can repaint and buy drapes
 photo 2459b19a-f98d-4d23-85ed-f37e2db1a2fd_zps7c780b80.jpg


  1. Hi Kay, first thanks for joining me on the Etsy shop.
    Second I love this room... It's nice to have things that have meaning , and collectibles..
    I'm a nut for old stuff too...
    Can I give one suggestion? which I'm sure you already know..
    The curtains don't go . Something a bit heavier, maybe more primitive.
    ok ... keep collecting...

  2. I think it looks wonderful! Love everything! You put together things so well! It looks so nice and cozy! Hugs ;o)


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