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Monday, January 19, 2015 guys.

So here I am at 68 and I have to say I still appreciate a beautiful man. My taste is probably exotic. I still like the bad boys. We have been watching Son's of Anarchy. Yes Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is a beautiful man. I love the character too, even if he is bad. So my question is, what's wrong with me. I am a Christian, I do not like or believe in violence and don't actually enjoy watching it. Still some movies really hook me in. Son's of Anarchy is one. Great characters (even if they are bad) and great story lines. Nasty gangs and people but you find yourself rooting for the sons and hoping they don't get caught. That's sooooo wrong on so many levels, but I can't, and do not want to stop watching until the story ends.
 photo 2c1f6039-f260-4f29-91a9-d265f32f8ffa_zpsf9183f33.jpg
 photo 713cf4bd-af7c-4c2a-bcfd-9d23965af630_zpsf192aafe.jpg
Another series I have been watching and can't wait for it to return in February is "Vikings" I can't wait to see that again. Naturally it's violent and today's movies are not tame like old movies used to be. In this series it actually is about a real person and does follow history. The lead Ragnor (Travis Fimmel) was a real person. The actor who plays him is just, well,
 photo fc0c4154-0992-4014-bfc7-6033b6c1089a_zps1806d1d6.jpg
 photo 79fefa1f-a7ef-4cad-9e46-55a64dcf1a72_zps69b88971.jpg
We also very much enjoyed "The Musketeers" another BBC production. I personally enjoyed D'Artagnon (Luke Pasqualino).....they keep remaking this story from Alexander Dumas, and it seems like it just gets better. D'Artagnon sure does.
 photo 3bfbcfd7-eacb-4e60-bb40-a908ddb690ed_zps7f8fb7d3.jpg
 photo 271b0ea5-5c54-4b0a-bfc7-cc8f8fbe4a89_zps99bb200a.jpg
So along with shows like "The Walking Dead" I have no fav's in that one, I watch for the sheer love of the story. Even though I would not normally enjoy zombie movies. Besides, no point in getting attached to anyone in that show. They seem to get bumped off.
Oh I like the shows like "Downton Abbey" where my fav charactor is the Dowager Duchess (Maggie Smith) but if I had to choose between then (on same night as Walking Dead) please don't make me choose I would go for the action movies. So far I have not had to choose just one conflicting night and I watched Downton Abbey the next night.
Well that's me spilling the beans.......I like the bad boys still. The good ones are just so.....lame. Sigh. I am bad, a terrible person I know.....I know.


  1. What's wrong with you ??? LOL ! I'd say 'not a damn thing'
    I have 10 years on you and I say .... he's gorgeous...
    oh I'm so bad... LOL !!

  2. Men like good looking girls so what's so wrong with us liking good looking fellows and bad boys are always a bit special.


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