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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today was cleaning day for some pooches. Bijou had to go get her stitches out. She had an operation on her bladder, they took out a stone the size of a quarter. Anyway, she then went to the groomers so not a good day for Bijou. At least not in her book of things she likes to do. The Thrift store I enjoy is right there and so naturally I went to see what they had. Not a lot today (thank goodness). I found a pitcher that I liked because it had hand painted pansies on it.
 photo 2755d508-175f-42c2-953c-0c876b244292_zpsd14f1215.jpg
 photo 69d8acbe-637f-476b-83f8-80a9be45999a_zps9d47752c.jpg
I really like the colours and I think I will put a plant in it come Spring. The next thing was a glass bowl that has glass stones in it, got that as I like the colour of the stones and will use for garden things later when I get back into that. I am hoping I learned a few things last year.
 photo DSCN2935_zpsf938c46e.jpg
 photo 5c45965c-de98-4754-a61a-e0573cf17936_zps163694e1.jpg
I think I will put the bowl on top of a stand and put an ivy in it or something like that.
I got this blue dish, not sure what it is but it too will be nice in the garden. Maybe a bird bath or something hanging from a tree? It was seven dollars, I think their prices have gone up. If so it won't be worth my while any longer. I don't mind making donations but I won't be ripped off. The glass is very heavy and a deeper blue than it looks. So very nice and will look nice in the sun.
 photo ca69ed58-9f90-445e-9d95-d10519cf0d7a_zpsf78cbd31.jpg
 photo 95bef9af-29e5-4e95-98d4-3c97bfa1df00_zps8d72b2b5.jpg
Then lastly I really liked this bowl. It goes with things I have alrady and I will maybe use for fruit or something. If I don't find anything then it will be nice for a plant holder. Maybe I could do a macrame plant pot holder.Then hang that outside, that;s not a bad idea.
 photo 5a6c17bf-0135-4bc5-b3e1-72557a8a17fa_zps04fa84cb.jpg
I am looking forewards to Spring. To garage sales (I must have my own) and finding nice things that way. The thrift shops are getting expensive.


  1. You got some pretty things, good job.

  2. You did well, I particularly like the blue dish, it will look good hanging from a tree.

  3. You found some great treasures my friend ;o)


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