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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dad's stuff..............

One of the many things my dad attempted for his own entertainment was tapestry work. Needlepoint it is called here. He had this great curiosity, he needed to know how to do things that he admired. So he began with small things and liked it.
 photo 9e6ee8f3-0fd4-4eb2-a041-71befaabdaca_zps465df890.jpg
He went on to do many more things. He made this for my in laws who are Catholic
 photo 0e5d705c-a592-4a52-8ad3-ad774ba3eccf_zps16f2a074.jpg
I now have it in my dining room even though I am not Catholic, in any case I did admire that Pope. One of my favourites is King Tut. He did that when all that stuff was tour in England and was popular.
 photo 14a0db89-78f8-443f-b805-dbfde57ed204_zps413b228a.jpg
This next one I have now in my living room even though I am not a fan of the scene. I am very much anti blood sports but, on the other hand I still like to see the horses and hounds. Part of my youth. Horses and hounds in every English village.
 photo 5d821f6f-2ba5-4cb3-ab29-4252f7f4863a_zpse1f11418.jpg
He did a pair of tapestries, I think they were some of his early ones.
 photo 619e600f-1ec9-4f3d-950d-96ef2fc52a55_zps13acdb80.jpg
 photo 34c9cffe-97d0-479e-a8dc-8ac5f9701216_zpsabd82af1.jpg
I have both of those hanging in my kitchen. He also did the Last Supper, that hangs with them. He did one of those for a chapel on the Isle Of White.As far as I know it still hangs there. Maybe some day I will visit and find out.
 photo 248d4b15-d590-440a-93bc-d9e3939d3674_zps8dbc6c33.jpg
My dad was not the only male in my life who enjoyed that sort of thing. My uncle Eddie (mums brother) did the next one.
 photo 57a26271-a839-4901-96b2-19123ddfe48e_zps6bbe9723.jpg
I think we have people on both sides of the family who are artistic. My mums side, her younger brother liked to paint and make model airplanes. On Dad's side at least a couple of my cousins like to paint and do crafts. So maybe its all inherited because I like to do so many things that it is not even funny. I think painting is my favourite. I did not care for tapestry, but loved embroidery. My vision is not so good now so I doubt I will do a lot of that anymore.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! Did he work from printed canvases or charted patterns? They all have such amazing detail!

  2. These are such wonderful pieces! Truly wonderful!

  3. I love that your father made these! They're wonderful! I will follow your blog through feedly, because google/blogger won't let me follow any blogs anymore through google friend connect :( Wishing you a great day!


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