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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A quick thrift...............

Last night I went out with friend Edna. We went to eat at a small place near here. It was Polish night but I had lasagna. It wasn't that good and today I have heartburn. Ack!!!
So on the way home we stopped at my fav thrift shop. I had to show it to Edna. Well, they had cups and saucers. Edna is a fan of English china. She got the best one too.
I just had to show my finds.
 photo 68fd5b9f-ae66-43ec-ba2a-a48adb4c92e8_zpsx4ivgwrd.jpg
That set is actually a beige/cream colour. The one Edna got was black with Anemone inside in reds and purples. It was beautiful. Still I am also happy with mine and I found one with Violets on too.
 photo 5b4fbbd9-c6ae-472c-a08c-979d58070886_zpsqthnkurp.jpg
They all need a good wash.
Then, and oh I just had to get I found another fruit bowl. Really heavy so I assume its cut glass. I am not sure how to tell for sure. Well this is the bowl.It actually looks like moulded glass. I will try to find out. Its not as sparkly as the others I found before but is very heavy.
 photo 0622675a-71c7-499a-98e2-ff8b7b111d70_zpsuxqjp06i.jpg
The next piece once probably had a lid. I didn't care that it was missing because I wanted it as a plant holder. It too is really heavy.
 photo b238a619-7fcd-4193-b035-544c53231675_zps0s1k1j7g.jpg
I found this little tea pot. It's not usable. Thats fine, I want it for a planter as well. I think it would look nice with an ivy in it. Someone hand painted it, a small clay tea pot that was probably very plain.
 photo 2998ba38-171b-4542-9664-ad2bbb86d966_zpsfwwgxnri.jpg
Then this small tea pot to add to my Oriental collection. I have no idea why I am collecting them except that they are so delicate. I may end up giving them all to my son Jason.
 photo 330392c1-e6c3-40eb-a8dc-7624cf18ad81_zpspxpqaf9w.jpg
In the picture above is the small tea pot that I found and the dish that I already had. Here are some more that I have found over time at garage sales.
 photo de940bc6-e832-40a8-9846-4e6f043b79f4_zpst1nqrnub.jpg

 photo 93e55bda-a1b1-4127-a3b2-4782d5a41326_zpsic4r6dep.jpg
 photo eb6c8731-d784-47c5-a21d-5ae5334df9ff_zpshbxktavb.jpg
 photo 5d251dda-44d9-4294-a51c-2977ea3d01c8_zpseuddfjpt.jpg
The above are all Japanese, the next is made in China
 photo 8ae042e2-ddc2-4a35-81ad-9ee9c643138a_zpsdyavuwhw.jpg
The next I have no idea but it is so unusual.
 photo 5aef1187-8c81-4e2f-b419-9558804e4def_zpsinsqn5qi.jpg
This last thing I found last night is for the garden in some way or other.

 photo f1de0e82-027b-4986-9d38-639cc23c978d_zpsnyuwewkx.jpg
So as you see it was a rather productive stop. I have not been in there for awhile. Last week Edna and I had gone in some Thrift shops and Antique shops but had not found anything worth showing. I did buy the crochet runner that I have displayed these items on, but that was it. I have a whole basket of linens that need to be ironed and starched. I should get to that.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The cups are beautiful!

  2. The little glass jar looks like a jelly/jam jar and is so pretty.

  3. Amazing finds!! Love everything!!!


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