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Friday, March 20, 2015

Inside plants................

Not a lot to talk about of late. I am going to show you my house plants for now. The African Violets are blooming. They do better than most of the house plants. They love the window they are in and bloom non stop.
 photo bfa9ca6f-3db6-489c-84e8-bde83c664217_zpsnd1bobou.jpg
 photo ad992aff-d930-4d3f-b376-739df5ccb5a4_zpsrfk8lbgo.jpg
 photo 37f05b0c-071c-4e9e-8043-45d3ee022bb8_zpsjbpbtky9.jpg
There are a couple of other colours but not blooming yet. In the kitchen window I have an Azaelia that my son bought me a couple of years ago now. It was outside last summer and did really well. It is beginning to bloom now. Just a few blossoms. I forgot to take a picture but my Christmas Cactus is also blooming. It does that at Easter and Christmas. I think I might get a couple more of those. The old Faithfuls.
 photo 19819a9d-ad20-48c1-8412-77095bf09d89_zpsxsizr3rd.jpg
There is also a small herb blooming. At least I had thought it was an herb when I brought it inside.
 photo cb34d4b6-3049-4abd-861e-3b911f828852_zpsfwmfsqbr.jpg
Then there is a plant I brought in for the winter that is doing fantastic. It is recovering and now looks like it will bloom. I think I will re-pot it and maybe keep it inside. I do know that I will buy a couple more this year. I tend to like plants that thrive'
 photo 6a4f6f76-4c17-4e37-ada4-8f5abf0a4c0b_zpsizd048rw.jpg
Well what can I say, not very good pictures but just wanted to post something for now. I am thinking that I may go to some thrift shops tomorrow. So maybe I will have something to talk about then.


  1. Janice, love your African Violets. They are my favorites too. I find they do best in a north window.. plenty of light but no sun. At least here in Florida.

  2. African Violets were my Mother's favorite house plant and her were beautiful. I can't grow them at all, they always die. Yours are lovely.


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