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Thursday, March 5, 2015

March thrifty.........

I took a few moments to go to my fav thrift shop yesterday. Laura came over and we escaped for a few minutes. Well an hour and a half but who's counting. The thrift shop I like is now jacking their prices up I have noticed. If they keep that up I will not be shopping there much longer. What a shame.
 photo 5a9ee1d3-48cf-43fc-a358-d0a5d560de04_zpsd7gqqisx.jpg
So That is my finds. I have no idea why I bought the bear but it was just so sweet. The clothes look hand made, no idea if they are or not but here is her picture. I like the details on her outfit.
 photo 4aeb27e5-7ce4-4aa1-b316-de919a8aab12_zpsgip4a2sk.jpg
 photo e909d4a6-f714-4de6-9cbb-562f20d69e6f_zpsugr3fprj.jpg
 photo 25a3b4ac-543f-4950-a3e3-54b6e4bd2f45_zpsuywsx8zb.jpg
You all know I collect plates. Last year I was collecting plates for garden ornaments. Not sure why I got these except they are my colours. I already have them situated around the house. This one was the cheapest and not usually something I would buy but there was something about it I liked. May weed it out later when something better comes along but for now it has its place
 photo 646aeb13-055b-4235-9f7e-7b98324daf47_zpsoovv7xdv.jpg
This little blue one is Limoges France, but it has a small chip in it. I put that in the blue bedroom.
 photo 29d78946-eb2a-45a5-aa9b-a9b131ae4756_zpsvahmf1zv.jpg
Violets, because I collect Violets
 photo 20af3e33-a677-4a99-a05b-66437768d88b_zpstl2pccof.jpg
This beauty is hand painted and signed. Its my dining room colours so thats where she will live.
 photo 50de989a-7567-4cf2-b385-34017a537a52_zps9w1xfsqq.jpg
I also found 99 cent birthday cards. Had to pick a few of those up just for the heck of it.
 photo 52376533-f343-4679-9783-b540c78aec07_zpswc1gbl50.jpg
So that was a quick expedition and a few finds. I put back a couple of cups and saucers, I was not that keen on them so I restrained myself. They were more than I wanted to pay.
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  1. I like the blue plate the best.

  2. Great finds my friend. Too bad they are putting up the prices! I haven't checked out our Goodwill shop lately. I should! Hugs ;o)

  3. You seem to have had a great day at the thrift store this time. I never find much when I go. I like the bear as well.

  4. I can't pass up a cute bear either. And plates, well can't pass them up! You found some really good ones. Yup, our GW has jacked up their prices too, as has the Salvation Army. The SA I don't mind because they do good works, but the GW is just greed.
    Visiting from Pink Saturday.

  5. Yes, these are all things I would have picked up myself.. the difference with your shops and ours is that you find old things that are really collectible..I have to go to antique shops for that sort of thing and they are no bargain.
    The bear looks like a hand knit on it... and I love it !!!!
    Barbra Joan


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