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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Another cooking post.........................

I had another baking day today. I love homemade bread. Well, I just love bread, and butter. Yum, straight out of the oven with gobs of butter. Yes my bread is really only a vehicle for my butter but its nice if the bread is good. I have made both of these breads before because they are easy. I got them a lot better and more tasty this time around. I added more salt to the Artisan bread and it is more dense because I actually had some whole wheat flour this time. It calls for whole wheat and white. So that came out great. I also threw in some dill.
 photo 20170104_140812_zpshohsegtr.jpg
This bread is dense.It was not quite so much when I used all white flour.
 photo 20170104_145926_zps3y9gnf1v.jpg
I did the olive bread before and was not happy with it, it seemed bland so this time I added more garlic and cheese.
 photo 20170104_150621_zpsyboykfp5.jpg
It was yummy, hot from the oven. We will have that tonight with Spaghetti. Can't wait.
 photo 20170104_150737_zpsgolwg2cq.jpg
 photo 20170104_151233_zpsqeudbb11.jpg
 photo 20170104_161710_zpsikeekost.jpg
My mum used to make Mince pies and I just loved her pastry. Well I have never found the recipe and never had luck making it. Well I found a shortcrust pastry and tried that one. It was all butter and sugar. Well that was it. It was delicious. Not quite as good as hers but I bet I can work it out with that base.
 photo 20170104_135309_zps8aerllgc.jpg
Yesterday I opened the jar of mincemeat because I was determined to use it this year one way or other.
So I got my yellow cake mix out and threw in 1/2 the jar of mincemeat. I topped with crystalized brown sugar. In England we call it Demorarah. The spelling is wrong but anyway, its used to top cakes. More like cane sugar. I don't know but here's a picture
 photo 20170103_162724_zpsxpwzoj6d.jpg
It makes a light fruity cake, tasty.
 photo 20170103_162749_zpsspgeckxl.jpg
I made 4 small loaves. One got eaten right away two I froze. I was going to give one to Laura but she is sick so wont be over today. Pity as I had mince pies too. Anyway, I do have some more mincemeat left so I could make another batch.


  1. Looks good to me.

  2. Janice, you are making me hungry!!! Everything looks so good! You have been a cooking machine! I hope Laura is better! Big Hugs!


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