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Monday, January 2, 2017

Something new to eat..............

Today we had Salmon. I know, that's not new. Well I did make a new sauce though and a new side dish.
I pan fry my salmon most of the time, I use butter (of course I do) I put on some sea salt and some herbs and put a lid on, that keeps it moist. It almost steams.
Meanwhile I had looked for a recipe to use a Cauliflower that I had on hand. It sounded a bit bland to go with Salmon and I didn't want to do Potatoes. I am starting to get back on my "diet". Not a real diet, just cutting out Bread and Potatoes, Pasta and Rice. I had lost a bit of weight doing this last time and it also helped my blood sugar. Time to get back to it after the holidays full of treats.
I found a recipe for the Cauliflower that sounded tasty and it was. I forgot to take a picture and so I took one while I was eating it. At least I knew by then it was good.
 photo 20170102_165245_zpseaphlkv7.jpg
The salmon turned out delicious. Very moist and tasty. I made a different Sauce to go with it. I normally like Horseradish but fancied something different so I made a Creamy Dill Sauce.
 photo 371a553d-b70c-49b0-8dfe-90c1b5921b95_zpsk2l9fmwu.jpg
Here is the recipe.
Creamy Dill Sauce

3/4 cup of sour cream
2 teasp of English Mustard (or Dijon) or any hot mustard.
1/2 teasp of garlic powder
2 1/2 table sp of fresh Dill ( I used dried)
1 - 2 tbsp of lemon juice (If fresh add some zest as well) I didn't measure I just squeezed
1/4 teasp of salt
1/2 teasp sugar
The recipe also calls for 2 tablespoons of milk if desired to thin it down but mine was just fine. My sour cream was older so not as stiff.

Just mix it all and taste, alter accordingly. I liked it just as it was.

Next I made the Cauliflower Bake.
 photo 20170102_165252_zps7essbebf.jpg
Cheesy Cauliflower Bake
Preheat the oven at 450
Boil Cauliflower for about 5 mins just to soften it. Don't over do as it's going to bake as well. Drain and set aside.
8x8 baking dish sprayed or buttered.

You will need.
1 cup Panko crumbs
1/4 cup of butter melted (Or use olive oil) know me I use butter.
1 teasp Oregano
1 tblsp Paprika
1/2 teasp cayenne
1 tblesp chopped parsley
1 teasp black pepper
1 1/2 cups of Mozzarella shredded

Now I admit I did not use that much Paprika I just gave it a dash and didn't put in the cayenne. I was tasty enough even so,

So drain your cauliflower and I put some left over chopped onion in the b.ottom of an 8x8 baking dish. Spray the dish first. Lay the drained Cauliflower in the dish. After mixing the dry ingredients with the melted butter, throw some of the cheese over the cauliflower and add the rest to the Panko.
Spread the Panko mix over the Cauliflower and bake for 15 to 20 mins or until your cauliflower is tender and the topping is crisp.

 photo f5b4afba-c9f5-4ad0-8505-9996fed5bd86_zps7skd9s4b.jpg
It is a perfect side dish for fish because it's flavorful. Let me know if you try it. Now another thing you can do is do 1/2 Cauliflower and 1/2 Broccoli. That would be good. That topping would go on just about any veggie that you can bake.


  1. Yum, this looks so good! And the creamy dill sauce is something that I think I could make too! Thanks for the recipe!
    Happy new year!

  2. Delicious Janice!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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