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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cats I have known..........................

I am not a Cat person. I am a Poodle person. I adore Poodles.
There have been some memorable and maybe not so memorable cats in my life though. Well, I suppose I should not say that really because I do remember every one.
When I was a baby and toddler we lived with my Grandparents, Seabrook. They had two cats, Tiny and Tarzan.
 photo 20170131_130845k_zpsbdwuayka.jpg
Tiny (above) I don't remember but have a picture of me with her and I do seem to remember that day because of the photo.
 photo 20170131_130618k_zpsy0mmkkif.jpg
Tarzan (above) I remember well, and he had to be quite old when he died of cat flu.I remember my Nan being very upset, he had been with her awhile. He was named Tarzan because he liked to swing from Nan's curtains. He was probably the first cat I really liked.
We got a cat when we moved to Bidwell Hill. Mum seemed to think that it was more in line with what she wanted than the big dog Jerry who got banished back to St Omere wth Granddad Burt. That cat didn't last long. It came home injured one day and had to be put down. I don't remember it's name and apparently had not had it long enough to become attached, but I buried it under the apple tree with all ceremony. That was the last cat we had and Mum soon got a Poodle who became my constant companion and set me up for life for loving Poodles.
When I got married and we lived in Bedford we took in a cat from a person who was going home to the States and could not take the cat with him. A big orange cat named Tom. Tom didn't like us and moved in down the road where he was apparently more appreciated.I was not that fond of him but was worried when he didn't come home. Then one day walking to the shops, there he was laying in the sunshine in someones window. I left it at that and was happy he found a good home.
So eventually we came here to Traverse City, we got a dog from the pound and named her Lady, and we got a grey cat that I named Pussy. I didn't know better OK. So when Pussy went missing my husband refused to go looking for her and calling her name. No idea what happened to her and for a very long time we got no more cats.
I say I am not a cat person. I don't adore cats, I don't like their nature and do not really find them amusing. I am an animal lover though and so cats have become a part of my life as an adult.
When I had my horse there was a barn cat that I loved no end. Her name was Rolo. I loved that cat and the cat loved me. She was always hanging out at the barn or off in the woods doing cat things, but when she heard our car, she would come running. You could hear her coming across the fields yowling and would hang out for as long as we were there. There were other barn cats and they were OK but not memorable. I loved Rolo and would have had her myself but she loved the barn life. I have a picture of her on my wall upstairs.
Rollo the best cat in the world photo fromothercomputer111.jpg
To more modern times several cats have come to me. Laura has always had cats and when one had kittens I took a little black pile of naughty fluff and called her Buffy.
 photo baba001-1-1.jpg
I loved Buffy (the mouse slayer) She was adorable. She would run for toy mice and retrieve them bringing them back and placing them in a hand to be thrown again. One day she was on the table and her tail caught fire from a candle. She moved so quick it blew out and I have not had candles again with a cat in the house. Her tail was her pride and joy, very fluffy, it was only singed.
One winter night there was a tap on the window by my seat. An orange and white cat was asking to come in. My husband said NO, in no uncertain terms. He is not fond of cats. Well, I took out food, a bed and blanket and hoped that would see her through till morning. Nope, that cat wanted inside. Eventually I went back to the door and she waltzed right in made herself comfortable and stayed with us. Buffy was not thrilled but she accepted her even though they were never friends. We named her Beatrice. She was a wonderful cat. They would both hunt mice, of which we had a few. They didn't kill them though. So I would catch the mouse once it was out of breath and put them outside. Perfect. Bea Bea (Beatrice) gave us some good laughs, she got in a plastic grocery bag one time and when done she got out. The handle caught around her neck and she was flying around the house with it billowing like a parachute behind her. We were laughing so hard and it was impossible to catch her until she was out of breath and laying under the table. Poor thing. Yes good times with both of those cats.
Beatrice with Alexandra
alex and bea photo alexandbea006.jpg
When they were gone I had no intent on getting anymore. I liked Sam and Toby, two of Laura's cats and got my cat fix often enough when we were over at her house. They also lived with us for a time, and Toby always remembered me. Toby, a fat cat in a small basket.
large cat in a small basket photo catinasmallbasket003.jpg
Sam Mr Blue Eyes, loved by so many small children and so patient.
 photo 100_1109k_zpsfxgojuvc.jpg
I could have lived with either of those two and I think boy cats are better with other cats than the females. I always ended up with females. I never chose a cat, they always chose me.
We now have two cats. Boots was a stray that we took in, we got her fixed and she became and indoor/outdoor cat. She has been inside all of this winter not liking the snow. She is an odd cat, does not play like the others did.
 photo 111_0218a_zpsii2plmas.jpg
She loves a lap but ours is usually taken so when someone visits she makes the most of it. She settles in on any empty lap. She would be the perfect lap cat. She hangs out in the garden, sleeps on the garden chairs and watches the fish in the pond. Ideal cat for me.
Then along came another stray. Laura brought her over on her way to work one day, found her going through her garbage. She was supposed to find a home for her but here she still is. I figure if I take them to the vet, get them fixed and then they can do as they choose after that. Well Bessie is Tristen's cat. She actually likes him now he does not live here. She goes to him when he visits. She is also an outdoor/indoor cat. Bessie wanders and one day came home with a note attached. She likes people and visits and receives food gifts from the neighbourhood. She has her territory.
 photo 20170303_144207_zpskbx5w7zc.jpg
Like Boots she has stayed inside all winter and not ventured forth. All the cats I have had have got along well with the poodles.Picture below of Beatrice hugging Bambi after Buttons died.
 photo bambiandBea002-1.jpg
Beatrice thought she was a Poodle and hung out with Bambi our white Poodle at the time.
Boots is like that and she likes Bijou our current white Poodle.
 photo 005.jpg
In fact Boots shares Bijou's supper in the evening, she never tries to eat any one else's but her and Bijou are a team.
 photo 20161207_172715 1_zpswwon8oq1.jpg
I can't say I want another cat, but like all animals I can't resist taking them in. Saving a life is saving a life. The two we have now, both Boots and Bessie would like more human contact but do not like each other. If they were more like Toby and Sam they would have more companionship.
 photo 152052549503_0_BG1-1.jpg
Beatrice used to lay with the Poodles but these do not although Bessie trys to sleep on the bed with us. She is a fidget though and soon takes off to wreak havoc during the night.
Cats, got to love them...............


  1. Lovely story. You're not a cat person no, this I know. However, you have always given them a good home. I personally could never happily live without a cat. I am 100 percent cat people. I love everything about cats. their personalities, their smell, their bodies and the way they are so limber and floppy. The way they walk, how they talk.....I could go on. :)

  2. Hi Janice what a lovely post i enjoyed your story,thankyou for sharing.

  3. Oh my, what adventures you have had with your animals!
    I am a bit too nervous to enjoy a cat 100%. Having said that, we had a cat for years and I was so sad after she had to be put to sleep. x

  4. I love your post Janice! I love cats, but I love dogs too! I guess you could say, I am a cat person! You've had many beautiful pets! You've been fortunate! Big Hugs!


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