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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lazy days....................

It's snowing again. I did some painting in my sketchbook and as I have nothing else to post I will just catch up on that.
Three unfinished pages first. These will be painted and added to in time.
 photo 20170301_125553_zpspln04l7b.jpg
 photo 20170301_125550_zpswcech6v3.jpg
 photo 20170301_125535_zpsqmwuskbh.jpg
I often go back to pages that are not quite full and add small things to them. These pages are ideas that I may sometime use if I ever get around to it. I want to make some cards and things at some point. I love Pinterest and I go on there all the time. I sketch ideas that I see, use faces to practice drawing and often copy ideas for my own sketch later on, some day. I would never copy someones work but will get ideas from them. I think I may be addicted to Pinterest.
 photo 644f5470-b748-48cd-98af-6a3a82a42afd_zpsnuj8xwdj.jpg
 photo 30481891-3c70-4100-8939-940381e84e67_zpsnpbh5c01.jpg
I really like doing faces. STill unsure of doing men's faces, I just cant get a grip on that. They always turn out feminine.
 photo e547ea70-a2d1-4406-b58c-cfa8afdb9440_zpshl8p0gze.jpg
The faces remember are just sketches and not portraits so are very simple line drawings. I am thinking some day to do a small book for Tristen. If I can come up with a story. That's right, where is that? I started a story somewhere, I must look for it. I bet it's on my old computer.
 photo 324af508-d712-4b26-afaf-54a6f68f3218_zpsfypg0cqs.jpg
The Flamingos I saw in and add, or maybe on Pinterest and just had to copy it. I am thinking of a Birthday card using that idea and putting some netting and glitter on it somehow.
 photo 364325f4-4935-4f25-b534-ebe2c0aea778_zps3x8g0xyk.jpg
 photo f53aea8e-a9a3-4f8a-adf5-0fd32d0c249a_zps0lnctztl.jpg
 photo d451c759-531c-481a-8ea0-f6baf82ff509_zpsbmvxfqxz.jpg

 photo 277cc6cd-0708-4442-8e9c-9bd105f51be5_zpszrvpykp2.jpg
I am liking some of the flowers now. Again, they don't have to be lifelike. That's my problem and why I began all this. I always want perfection, photographic realness. So I began this journey to loosen up.
 photo 6e857323-b5db-4c79-9c9c-94e39dcbcf4f_zpsoz6ho8hv.jpg

 photo 9b94f569-748b-4eab-8e22-412174f8f71d_zpst5hhfozv.jpg

 photo 7219d035-3bfb-43d5-8d09-92ad8d4864b6_zpscxgxktr4.jpg
 photo 63c2c237-796b-4a9c-b9a5-ef9ddb03982b_zpsi3r0tbo6.jpg
It's been a lazy day. I should be doing some housework. I should be sewing. I have to get my quilt backs ready for when my friend Barb gets back from her holiday.
This is the mess in the dining room at the moment. I got the machine out in hopes of starting in on my sewing and mending. I will get to it, just not today. Oh I so want
a craft room.
 photo 20170301_125729_zps4bawjpkw.jpg

This stack is done, ready to be quilted. My friend Barb is a long arm quilter and she will put them together for me (I hate that part) then I finish them off.
 photo 20170301_125710_zpspm2za2ra.jpg
The others need the backing sewn together and its not that it will take that much time. It's just so boring. Still, once done I can press everything again and move them out and get to more fun things
 photo 20170301_125720_zpsg2z6dn3o.jpg
 photo 20170301_125714_zpsrlvubcik.jpg
I asked a friend, Donna, to come over and take a bunch of my fabric stash. She just got back into quilting. I have so much fabric I know I will never use it all. What waste it. Barb, Edna and Nancy all have their own problems of overloaded stashes. So I hit on Donna to come over and get an arm full. Oh I know I will still buy more but from now on I buy things I actually know I will get done. I also need to have a huge sort out of quilting books and Cook books. Oh boy. Don't get me started on cook books.


  1. Hi Janice,wow you are a beautiful drawer,your drawings are amazing,well done,oh iam the same with cook books as well,lol.

  2. I love your drawings Janice! I think creating a book for Tristen would be wonderful! Wow, you have a lot of fabric! Big Hugs!


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