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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tristen was here.....................

Saturday Mar 4th, we had Tristen for the afternoon and the poodles went to the groomers. When we went to pick them up, I just had to drop in at the Thrift shop. Tristen came in with me. He found a dart board game, so I bought that for him. He posted a picture of himself with it on Facebook.
 photo 272458f2-92db-4bb4-87c3-ac0fac173e7d_zpszqir7cky.jpg
I had posted a picture of the pillow case I just made for him. He saw it and read the comment. So now I have to watch what I write. He CAN READ. That's wonderful. He has done very well in that aspect, and obviously still does well with computers even though his access is restricted these days. Anyway, he wanted me to do something with him and as my sewing machine was out wanted me to make something. I did not feel at all like sewing. I had bought some fabric to make him a pillow case so decided to do that.
Well he was into everything trying to help. I had him find me pins, he did but then played with everything else and kept taking my scissors. I was sort of glad when he got bored and went in search of Granddad.
This is the pillow case. Took about 20 mins.
 photo 20170304_184628_zpss8c3nw0v.jpg
 photo 20170304_184611_zpsum8jljxz.jpg

I found a few other things, but, I must say that I was very restrained. I did see cups and saucers but did not buy them. I am looking mainly for jars. Things to put out on the bathroom cupboards and to decorate. I didn't find any and that was just fine.
This pretty blue bottle I had to get to add to my collection for outside this summer
 photo 103_0622k_zpssdw3ekno.jpg
There was a little house that I also could not resist, I have several of those sitting around and it may go outside as well, not sure yet.
 photo 103_0621k_zpsriskyq4e.jpg
I was also on the look out for small dishes to put my blue stones in. This candle holder was quite nice I thought and may give that to Laura if she wants it.
 photo 103_0624k_zpsxaur4tjw.jpg
That was it. I am trying to limit myself I already have way too much stuff around.
The cat Bessie enjoyed a bag after we unloaded the groceries we got earlier.
 photo 20170303_144232_zpsqgcnxwyz.jpg
 photo 20170303_144207_zpskbx5w7zc.jpg
Cats love bags.
Tristen enjoyed his weekend but again was reluctant to go home. We saw him at his TaiKwanDo class and he is doing very well with that, I was glad to see. He went to the store with Granddad and came home with this.
 photo 20170304_154440_zpsnbkila3u.jpg
He didn't want to go back, I still can't say "home" because he does not think of it as home yet. I was hoping he would be much more settled by now. Should be back in a couple of weeks we hope.


  1. I am sure that Tristen is thrilled with the dart board, I know I would be, it looks brand new!
    I LOVE that pillow case you made, it is perfect for a young boy! (Honestly, I think I would like it myself.)
    Don't let the cat out of the bag! HA HA!
    That last photo, Tristen looks happy with the pastry! The dog looks like he wants it too!
    Enjoy the time together and just live in the moment! xx

  2. What a lovely visit! He looks great! Love the pillow case you made Janice! Your kitty is so cute! I would love a bite of Tristen's donut! LOL! Big Hugs!


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