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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More recipes................

Well there is not a lot going on, bring on Spring. Snow snow snow. What to write about when there is nothing going on. Could not go out this week because Reina has the flu so Laura is staying close to home. I sure can't afford to get it anyway so staying inside. I can't say I am bored, I have too much to do to be bored but..........I really want to be outside. Supposed to warm up a bit. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice so maybe I can do a tidy up outside.
Meanwhile, I am really enjoying my veggie shredder. I had some zucchini in the fridge and wanted to make Shrimp for supper. So this is what I did.
 photo 20170314_161947_zpsethtkvua.jpg
This time I shredded the zucchini and did not cook it so long. I cooked it in butter and added Dill and Parsley to it. It was wonderful.
Anyway, that was to be the base for the shrimp scampi. I bought that at Sams. Why try to improve on something that you love right. The shrimp are large and meaty, tender and I love the sauce.
 photo 20170314_162002_zps8cx9twdr.jpg
When it was done I added a 1/2 can of corn. This was awesome
 photo 20170314_164640 1_zpshcwvbt50.jpg
That was a quick and easy dinner and one of my favourites. LOTS of shrimp each.
So today I used the Crock pot and made homemade Baked Beans. I used to do it with bacon but do not eat that any more. So, I bought some chicken sausage that had Basil and Sun dried tomato in them. I fried those before adding them at the end of the day.
 photo 20170315_162514_zpsfhgyn8ze.jpg
I love Baked Beans. Especially home made ones. They are not normally this soupy but these I made that way on purpose. To prevent that I would just use less sauce.
So to make them, without a recipe I do not have measurements because more often than not I made them by taste.
What I use.....
I large jar of white beans (comes in a jar, and I get them at Sams club)
I large can of diced tomatoes
1 can of tomato sause or use tomato paste if you want it less juicy. If using paste just add 1/2 the can until you taste it. Add more if needed.
Brown sugar. A palm full taste careful with this, if you add too much just add more brown sugar to sweeten things up.
Salt to taste
Pepper just a dash.
Dash of onion powder
Palm of dried parsley.
To this I add chopped celary and one large onion.
I cook it all day and at the end I add my cooked sausage or hot dogs or brats or whatever you want.
Make sure to taste the beans and that they are the consistency that you want.

 photo 20170315_163936_zps7bpllgor.jpg
If you want the proper recipe and measurements I can give them if you let me know.
 photo 20170315_164317_zps2e9ney07.jpg
This was so good, I had two bowls.I can't believe I ate that much.
So the other morning I made some breakfast muffins. That did not go so well. I will try them again because I have an idea what went wrong.
 photo 20170308_101837_zpsznube47m.jpg

That is the recipe. It should not have been so complicated. It says to spray with vegetable spray to make them easy to get out. Well I think that made the bottoms soggy, It was horrible.
They really looked good
 photo 20170308_101955_zps2ovv9ldj.jpg
Then when I took them out, I tried one.
 photo 20170308_102111_zpssah5yiwh.jpg
Actually I ate two because I had to pull off the bottoms.
I threw the rest away and the squirrels and birds, especially the Starlings really enjoyed them.
This is what the bottom looked like. Yeuk!!!! I can only assume it was the cooking spray. They were also just a tad dry so I would cook on minute less next time. I have to try again before I give up.
 photo 20170308_103343_zpsedjdzxvo.jpg
I have been buying fresh eggs straight from the chickens so the eggs are good. The spray is all I can think it was. So I will try them again, it was a non stick pan. Or maybe butter the bottoms, that should work. Determined to succeed.


  1. Wow, you have been busy in the kitchen! Loving everything! I love homemade baked beans too! The shrimp dish looks amazing! That is too bad about the muffins. Maybe too much spray? Big Hugs!

  2. I think so, I think it was the spray, I wont do that again.


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