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Friday, January 22, 2016

How to use some of those thrify finds.......#1........

As you know I collect so much stuff, I often wonder where it all fits in. It does though. It disappears into the rest of the stuff. I thought it would be nice to show how some of these things are used. It will take a few posts to show it all so keep watching this space.
First off I love glass, can't say that enough. No one seems to enjoy Crystal anymore.So, when I see it I buy it, or cut glass or just anything pretty.
 photo 103_2666_zps8qqkllrl.jpg
I sit here in the evenings, either on my computer or painting, drawing or whatever. I have tried to keep all my art supplies handy. I have pretty boxes under the coffee table and I put the pencils in these glass jars I found that had no lids. The couple that had lids I put buttons in.
 photo 103_2665_zpsfapkixoz.jpg
This way I can see what I have and when needed, not very often in the case of buttons, I know where to find them. I also have Lavender in Mason Jars for when I make some sachets.
 photo 103_2716_zpssit6lok4.jpg
Another thing I like, for some reason is old boxes. Now they are very handy. At first I put some in Tristens room for toys but took those away and replaced with plastic for him. I use the others downstairs now. Here are a few uses for those. I got at a garage sale a long time ago, some strips of cloth in balls for making rugs.
 photo 103_2676k_zpsjom6eazs.jpg
You will also see I have baskets all over too, used for various things.
 photo g_zpsxvugnhlh.jpg
 photo 103_2678h_zpstwjjalvw.jpg
A crystal bowl holds my glass fish floats.
 photo 103_2667_zps6uiyyuam.jpg
Other smaller ones hold beach stones that some day I may make something from.
 photo 103_2668_zpspetkjrif.jpg
Old boxes are used for bird seed, kept handy by the back door.
 photo 103_2679_zpsqwguotif.jpg
An old tool box becomes a laundry hold all put up on the wall.
 photo 103_2683_zpsyrc3kqpm.jpg
Another old tool box is used for some salt shakers I collected. This would also be awesome in a bathroom for a towel bar. Would not work in ours as not enough room.
 photo 103_2696_zpsnzopdiu3.jpg
I will save the rest for another post so this one does not drag on too long. It's great to recycle and some things look pretty too. So use your imagination and see what you can do.


  1. Nice to see how you use some of your finds. The tool box is a great idea. I would not have thought to use it in this orientation! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Looks great! I love your imagination!!!


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