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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Out for an afternoon.................

I finally got out for an afternoon. I still have the remains of the cold that I got after Thanksgiving. What a long lasting one this has been. Took all my energy. Finally feeling somewhat human I began my week slowly, a lot of sorting out to do to make room for fabric. I sorted the craft cupboard, nothing to dispose of there unfortunatley, I did put my sewing machine on the table and brought my fabric back in. It would be nice if I could find a place to organize it. I have an idea. All my fat quarters are in a cupboard that is hard to get to behind the coat tree, another cupboard is stash of magazines and craft books that I have not looked at in many years. I hate to dispose of them so I think I will swap out the cupboards, one thing always leads to another and so that probably wont be the last place left to sort, but..........I can get back to sewing.
So today Gerry was home. I had a doctors appointment and then planned on lunch with Edna and Barb before Barb goes to Florida for a couple of months. Edna picked me up about 10.30 and we went first to an Antique shop we like, its just a small one and I didn't find anything there. The next one though is a really big one and I found a cake plate that has violets on it.
 photo 103_2304_zpsfrtrsw0k.jpg
I will get anything pretty with Violets on.
 photo 103_2301_zpslst2z8yw.jpg
I was good, that's all I bought.
Next we went to what is now Edna's favourite thrift as well as my own. The Goodwill boutique.
Well, what can I say. I never get out of there with nothing. Well maybe one time I did but that's unusual. I got several pieces of glass. I can't resist glass. Here is the first piece that will be a sugar bowl for when mine is being washed. 4.99 not bad
 photo 103_2305_zpsajnn3buj.jpg
It's pretty heavy glass. Then this little glass basket also 4.99. No idea what I will use this for but it was pretty so........I am sure it will find a home somewhere.
 photo 103_2306_zpsillao5lb.jpg
This little teapot was cute until I dropped it, chipped the lid but that's OK it will go in the garden next year with a plant in. It won't need it's lid. I think that was 6.99.
 photo 103_2312_zpsexgmzxdf.jpg
The next is a wire basket with some different balls in it. That will also go outside next year. I will do something with that when I start on my garden. I am thinking the wire basket can have plants in and the balls in several planters or in an egg basket I have outside.
 photo 103_2311_zpssuobilie.jpg
Two of the balls 1.99 and the other two ceramic she gave me with the basket for 6.99
Books, I got books.I will give those on to Laura when done.
 photo 103_2313_zps7guqjsxd.jpg
I don't keep books anymore after getting rid of my library. I have to thin out my cook books too and I am hoping to have a garage/yard sale in the Spring. Stuff just has to go. Anything chipped, mended or no longer having a place must GO!!!!! Its just having time to sort and I think I can price as I go. I said that last year but the weather didn't cooperate, but if I price stuff as I go I can be ready at any time.
ANyway..............after finishing up there we still had time before meeting Barb for lunch and so we went to The Womens Resource center a few stores down from the Olive Garden where we were to meet.
There I found a game for Tristen. He said "I have wanted one of these my entire life.........I never ever thought I would get one" well he is 6. Still that was a nice find at 10 dollars. Tristen is blurry because he was jiggling the players.
 photo 103_2294_zpsizkux0kl.jpg
I also got a tray for 2.00. We use those when we have company who want to eat in the living room. Usually at Christmas or Thanksgiving when football is on.
 photo 103_2307_zps69yup9ip.jpg
Oh and this swan has been at that store for a very long time. This time I could not resist. I think I will be putting glass balls in it. That was 8.00 I even got him home without breaking his neck.
 photo 103_2308_zpsaklckhy9.jpg
Edna and I exchanged our Christmas gifts haha. We have not had a chance to get together before this. She makes these kitchen towels and I love them on my stove handle bar. She knows my theme is Roosters or chickens.
 photo 103_2315_zpsvadivjwd.jpg
Along with that came peanut brittle and home made candy. Always good.
Back to the original subject when moving all my fabric I pulled these out and sort of like this combination.
 photo 103_2316_zpsp4boetf7.jpg
Maybe I will work on that soon, I need to find a few more pieces to go with it and a backing. Anyway, that was my afternoon. Gerry has next week off so maybe I will get some of these things accomplished as well as get out again woo hoo.


  1. I've been visiting the Goodwill store lately, too. At least whenever I am going in that direction as it is a little out of the way. I mostly look for interesting vases to combine with beaded flowers, but you never know what treasure you will find.

    I gave that same game to our friends' grandson when they shared Christmas Day with us--it was a big hit!

  2. Wow, that was a busy day! You lucky girl! You found some great stuff! I have to say, that swan rocks! Beautiful gifts from your friend! The fabric combination is really pretty! We had a garage sale last year and did really well. Almost sold out of everything. We have had many and the one time I priced things, we didn't do to well. So, I would price somethings and maybe others don't? Up to you. But, garage sales are hard! People are really looking for cheap and I was surprised at the things that didn't sell. A few years ago they would have. Everything is changing!


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