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Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Ideas........................

My last post was to show how I use some of my finds. I can get things at garage sales or thrift shops and often can not resist buying them. I also have a friend Nancy who loves to finish furniture, she often finds me things. She has such luck, she can find a broken down piece by the side of the road. Know it's Oak or something good and will strip and mend it till its a wonderful piece of furniture again. Thats not something I have any desire to do but she is a wizard.
Well, the small things I find will fit in or replace something, or just disappear into the mess. I must say it is an organized mess. So, here is a look at some more things I have found uses for.
Wicker picnic baskets. I have a few, they hold odd stashes of fabrics. I often do forget what,s in things but I am working on that problem by moving stuff into a common area. Anyway these two have things in them, while I have several others that are just display on the top of a cupboard.
 photo 103_2713g_zpsibtggtie.jpg
I have, over the years, picked up many old stone crocks. Some I use for flowers, some for plants and some to put my onions or potatoe's.
 photo 103_2712_zpsm7ohtpai.jpg
One of my boxes became a toy box for the poodles. Yes they have way too many toys and some are just rags now but those are the best loved ones.
 photo 103_2710k_zpsnnpf6lzw.jpg
This table was one of Nancy's finds. On it is one of my fish float collections in a wire basket.
I have several collections of glass balls and will be collecting more because I love glass so much. Two sets are in crystal bowls I found at thrift shops and two are in wire baskets. I have the swan I found a couple of weeks ago awaiting some new glass balls, so I will be looking for more.
 photo 103_2709_zpswyukev2c.jpg
This old tool box holds some of my teapot collection. Some of those will be off out to make garden ornaments come Spring.
 photo 103_2702_zpsiys2lw3a.jpg
A colourful flower pot makes a place to put kitchen spoons and stuff for easy access next to the stove.
 photo 103_2662_zpsijty2lwa.jpg
I have cans that store things like OXO cubes and tea bags handy when needed.
 photo 103_2663_zpsnyqoak3w.jpg
The old crocks hold my dog food, onions and potatoes
 photo 103_2660k_zpspmuvco4i.jpg
Old bisquit container now holds dog bickies.
 photo 103_2661_zpsr4tboec4.jpg
The bread box holds all my flours and the bowl above it (one of my fav finds) holds my battery charger and cables to all things needing to be recharged.
 photo 103_2664_zpsa9q9h8nt.jpg
I love old things and want them on display, but I also like that many have a practical use too. I am sure if I go upstairs I would find many more examples but this will do for now.


  1. Great stuff Janice! I am so glad you really use the items you buy! So many people just look at things, you know what I mean? Your house looks great! Excellent ideas!

  2. This was a pleasant web page discussion. Liked the tea pots. atk


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